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Add's a unique combat page based on The Claw from the latest reception. Decked out with alternate combat pages and passives from his boss version to make him more versatile.

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-Following the release of the new reception, I've taken it upon myself to make a mod based on The Claw.
Baral is a Charge based Keypage capable of disrupting high priority targets and supporting his team. While he may not be the greatest at dealing massive amounts of damage, He has two special passives to help compensate for this.

-Clean Execution: A mechanic that adds a combat page of "Clean Execution" to Baral's Hand after 8 successful attacks. This combat page comes in the form of a Slash Die [12-21] that inflicts 5 feeble on hit. While also granting him 3 Strength for the Current Scene and the Scene after.

-Retribution: Similar to Clean Execution, however, 10 Attacks are needed to obtain this combat page. This Combat page now utilizes two Counter Dice [6-12] Which also grants him 3 Strength for the Current Scene and the next.

-I've separated the two passives so that they may be used in accordance with the player's preference. (Found by using either the regular mod folder or the "BaralRetribution" folder.

-Baral also has the "Serum" combat pages that are obtained through rising Emotion Levels. Serum K is a supporting combat page that spends charge to heal Baral and his team, Serum R which spends charge to lower the opponent's dice power and destroy their next dice, and Serum W which is useful for countering high roll Summation Mass Attacks and destroying combat pages entirely.

-Once Baral gains momentum, he will prove to be quite beneficial, however poor management of his resources will leave him quite vulnerable and his playstyle will be ineffective.


-Feedback for the mod would be highly appreciated (which you can leave on the post section of the mod). I will do my best to keep it as updated as possible.