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A generic Harmony patch loader (and more!) powered by BepInEx.

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Book of Modding is a utility that allows for loading of arbitrary Harmony patches from mods. It is required to run mods that wish to use Harmony patches for advanced gameplay control.

Currently, Book of Modding does the following:
  • Allow modders to override combat pages, key pages, and stage info.
  • Allow modders to create Harmony patches that are run when the game is loaded.
  • Allow modders to using every motion type in the game for more expressive and detailed animations and mass attacks.
  • Exports the default static data to text files.
  • Exports localized text data to text files.

This mod requires BepInEx, which can be installed from:

To install Book of Modding:
  1. Follow the instructions at to install BepInEx.
  2. Copy Book of Modding.dll to your plugins folder.
  3. Install any compatible mods to your Mods folder.

Mods that use BaseMods are likely not compatible with Book of Modding and will almost certainly require updates from their creators. Book of Modding is intended to bridge the gap between the old BaseMods system and the new official system, as well as grant advanced development powers to modders who want to undertake more complicated projects.

Book of Modding runs on every version of Library of Ruina after

Mods that do no need to run Harmony patches when the game is launched to function to not require Book of Modding.

Additional instructions for developers who wish to power their mods with Book of Modding can be found in the Developers.txt file included in the download. This is a very early upload and will certainly contain issues! It is only being provided now so that developers can continue to work on their projects.