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(savefile friendly) Adds new combat pages to Argalia's vibration set. These are drawn to the EGO hand after fulfilling certain conditions. (WIP)

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(Work in progress)

(If you are using the mod named "Macrosis' Ensemble Rework", go into the miscellaneous section of the Files tab on this mod. There, you will find the compatibility version. Instead of modifying the Argalia page directly, it will add a single passive on a new Keypage that you can acquire from the Book of Alloc. Place that passive on Argalia for it to work. Do NOT use both versions of my mod at the same time, as it will cause conflicts. Use either the normal or the compatibility, not both.)

This mod adds new combat pages to Argalia's vibration set.
The pages appear on your EGO hand as soon as certain conditions are fulfilled, listed below. They then exhaust after use. There are currently 5 new pages, and I intend to improve them.
I also intend for these pages to have strong connections to some of the other pages in Argalia's vanilla set, like Resonant Scythe. More on that below.

Install Instructions:
IMPORTANT: You will always be able to uninstall the mod whenever you want without breaking your save. However, you will need to make sure Argalia's page is not attributed to anyone else. If for some unknown reason, you currently have Argalia's [Resonance] passive attributed to another page, first revert the attribution, and then you will be able to freely install and uninstall this mod.

How to install: Simply download the ZIP file, and then drag and drop the folder inside of it into
...\steamapps\common\Library Of Ruina\LibraryOfRuina_Data\BaseMods
You WILL need BaseMods in order to make this work. Also, you might not have installed the game in steam's folder, so if you can't find this folder, that might be the reason.

How to uninstall: Either delete or take out the mod folder from inside BaseMods. Again, you *must* not have Argalia attributed *into* another page. The Argalia page itself can have attributions to it like normal. This restriction is only necessary when installing and uninstalling this mod. You can attribute his page at any other point.


Desc: Low min rolls page that gains bonus power and roll values when used at the same time as Resonant Scythe on speed dice with the same value.
Condition to draw: Activate Resonance on all available speed dice on your character on a single scene.

-Concussive Shock-
Desc: Strong stagger damage page that gains powerful max roll and stagger damage bonuses when used against targets with matching Vibration and speed.
Condition to draw: Successfuly activate Resonant Scythe's page ability on a target.

-Blue, sharp notes-
Desc: 3 dice bleed page with high light restore and draw if it is used on the same target as Resonant Scythe.
Condition to draw: On a single scene, win 7 or more clashes with any dice.

Desc: Vibration page that on hit sets the target's vibration to the same value as the speed dice it was used with.
Condition to draw: Fail to activate Resonance for at least 2 scenes (no need to be consecutive).

-Soul-piercing Melody-
Desc: Strong 3 dice + 1 counter dice page with various effects. All dice deal extra (not bonus) damage equal to page target's vibration.
Condition to draw: Have all four other Arsenal pages. This page is drawn on the same scene all other pages are present, and exhausts all of them on use.

Future plans:
-Visual Effects for the pages.
-Actual, non-placeholder artwork.
(Translations are open for anyone who might want to help. This mod is currently only available in english.)