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Angela from another reality, used Purple Tear's page to escape her reality and arrived in this one. Now you must receive your new guest. Includes 1 new key page + 9 exclusive cards.

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IMPORTANT : The dice roll in the screenshot is wrong, it's now 1-8, futhermore the defences of Angela have changed too.

The Reception of the Teal Archivist. Quite vanilla friendly from what I tested, Her obtainable page is similar to Gebura's. Where you can use the exclusive cards but also the normal one.

As for the story. Angela, from a different dimension where the Ensemble won their first reception, used PT's page to escape her reality, arriving in yours where she becomes the 3rd fight of Hana. Her goal being to make sure one reality wouldn't have the same fate as hers did.

She's a character made in a Roleplay server. Where Angela meet other RP character, and shenanigans ensue.

For the invite you'll need :
- Olivier's Book
- Purple Tear's Book
- Red Mist's Book

There's also a training dummy of my creation in the file. His invite is :
- Wang's Book
- Shi Association Book

Good luck everyone and be sure to post any bug or ideas that could be added to the mod!