Lego The Hobbit

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THIS mod unlock the armory pack dlc + characters + Items + my effects.

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Before installing please follow these instructions:
  • Install QuickBMS.
  • Get the TTGames Script and save it.
  • Save the BMS script to where you installed QuickBMS.
  • Drag the script onto QuickBMS.exe.
  • Select one of the .dat files from either game.
  • Create a new directory elsewhere on your computer. Use the name of the game you extract as the foldername. Save the files there.
  • Wait for everything to extract, then repeat for each file.
  • Create a folder called Backup in the gamedirectory and move all .dat files into it.
  • Open the folders you extract the files to, and move everything inside into the gamedirectory.
  • If a file called __DISC__ exists move it to the backup folder. If you do not do this then the game will simply crash on launch.
  • Delete CHARTXT.FPK
  • Drop the contents of this mod into the game folder.
  • Play to test if everything is correct.