The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

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The mods on my blog are not here due to having no page for them here back then, they're examples/beta/learning purposes mods or they're for consoles only, etc...: 
Also, I did some voice acting for some of my friend's mods (MihailMods on Nexus Mods) for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim & its Special Edition.
Please note that I released so many mods so I can get out of the loop easily with the new updates or upcoming versions of some of the games such as Enhanced Edition, Remaster, etc... for them. I assume my mods will probably work with them too, but feel free if u ever wanted to update/port them (please read each mod's description first), it applies for the description of my mods too, maybe there will be changes in the way of how some mods being installed, but a Google search will show u the new ways.
Due to changes in my life and being busy with them, I won't be able to make new mods from now on, but if u liked my music mods and want to hear some more music from me, just search me (Amin Khani, Alexamin & AmineLL) on Google, SoundCloud & YouTube.
My mods are mostly personal but I uploaded them with a hope of maybe others like them too.
Hope u like whatever is here on my page and blog.