The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

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A Cinematic Reshade Preset to enhance the games realism

- Based Off of Digital Dreams' Videos

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This MOD is a RESHADE PRESET that aims to enhance the games visuals and realism to give a more cinematic look to the game. This preset is heavily inspired by and based off of Digital Dreams' videos, the goal was to get it as similar as possible to the videos but for free! For the desired effect, use COMPLETE RT by NiceGuy OR  RTGI by Marty McFly.

How To set up Reshade

Download Reshade here:
Reshade Installation + Depth Buffer Tutorial for Cemu: YouTube Tutorial by BlueLegacy

How To Add to Your game (with Reshade installed!)

(Note: If you don't know how to install reshade, I heavily recommend you use a YouTube Tutorial Instead, such as the one by BlueLegacy)

1. After downloading the file, unzip it and place the .ini file into where you keep your reshade presets for your emulator.

2. Press the "HOME" key to open up the reshade menu, after setting up your reshade directory, you can select the file and the effects will load. Congratulations you got the file working! :D

Which Version Do I Pick?

If you are using RTGI by Marty McFly Then pick The RTGI File, If you are using COMPLETE RT by NiceGuy then use the COMPLETE RT file of course! If you are using no paid RT shader then it doesn't matter which you choose, the only difference is the configurations for those effects, which don't do anything if the effect is not found.