The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
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Disable Blood Moons, for more peaceful nights

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For a more peaceful journey through Hyrule: even Ganon needs shuteye. This mod disables Blood Moons (normal ones, not panic moons), leaving both Ganon and Link to sleep soundly through the night.

I have also added a two more versions that disables panic moons. The first disables all blood moons, including panic moons, whereas the second disables only panic moons, allowing standard blood moons to operate normally. Either way, this is probably not safe. Disabling panic moons might lead to crashes in situations where the panic moon would have saved the day. This is not usually an issue in vanilla BOTW, but for some mods it could be a problem. Use at your own risk. However, for some mods like Second Wind, it may sometimes indeed be worth the risk.

This mod is a code patch and cannot be used with BCML. 

There are two ways to install.
Cemu Users: Install the standard (graphic pack) version into Cemu using the graphic pack menu. 
Wii U Users: Unzip the CafeLoader download onto your SD card at /cafeloader/TITLEID/Patches.hax, where TITLEID is your region's title ID.