The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
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Experience an echo of the world of Arda and the battle of Helm's Deep

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The next time you visit Wahgo Katta shrine, you may find it different than you remember...

In this epic custom dungeon mod, Wahgo Katta shrine has been replaced with Umano Ryoshu, a mysterious trial which resembles tales of an ancient battle in another world, at a fortress known as Helm's Deep. Cleanse the fortress of its hostile inhabitants, scale the Hornburg of Helm Hammerhand, and collect treasures as you catch an echo of the world of Arda.

This shrine replacement should not be affected by whether you have completed Wahgo Katta shrine. However, the spirit orb is not available from within Helm's Deep, so you will need to either complete it before installing the mod or remove the mod later if you want to acquire every spirit orb.

The model of Helm's Deep is based primarily on the work of Polo33 here.