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A pack of 260 existing portraits, meticulously renamed so that the game can actually detect them. This curated set contains fantasy-style pictures of all races that fit with the vanilla portraits.

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A pack of 260 custom portraits, meticulously renamed so that LoG2 can actually detect them.  Avoid the carpal tunnel I experienced while manually editing hundreds of portrait files to include either "male" or "female"!

CapitanMolon previously uploaded 348 portraits for LoG (https://www.nexusmods.com/grimrock/mods/251), but about a third of them were unfitting imports from Icewind Dale and Baldur's Gate (with filenames that LoG2 could not detect), and besides, only about half of the remaining, aesthetically-fitting portraits had names that LoG2 could detect.  This pack is effectively an update/expansion, since LoG2 can actually detect all of these images.  The IWD and BG portraits are gone, and there are 260 custom portraits that fit with the style of the original vanilla portraits.

Extract this file into Documents/Almost Human/Legend of Grimrock 2/Portraits.  The portraits will be available in the custom tab in the portrait window during character creation (see images above for examples). 

[Note: I expect that these will also be compatible with LoG1.  I do not know whether CapitanMolon's portraits were all detected by LoG1; regardless, this pack is a safe bet.  Credits: Curunir and kolt16 from the official LoG forum, plus CapitanMolon for his original LoG upload].