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You have been blamed for betrayal and condemned to exile. Will there be a way for the party to get back from their wasteland and find justice?
Game-map with 15 main-levels (in fact there are more), a lot of sub-quests, some with alternative solutions, masses of additional items, decorations, effects, surprises...

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You have been arrestedand blamed for betrayal. And even if you are not guilty, the three judges condemn you to exile. - Will there be a way to get back from the wasteland and find justice?


  • 15 main-levels (in fact there are more), each with a different setting
  • playtime approximate as long as the original Grimrock II game
  • 62 types of monsters - familiar, very old and also brand new ones
  • 42 secrets
  • a lot of sub-quests, some withalternative solutions
  • support of parties with less than 4 champions
  • different challenges according to the party's experience (new or imported)
  • non player characters
  • masses of additional items, decorations,effects, surprises...

The general game-mechanic has the same rules as the main-campaign of Legend of Grimrock II. With some specials (in example eating and starving has become a bit more realistic - and therefore playing a farmer a bit more of a challange...) But to combat is the same, as the magic- and the potion-system is. However the schools of earth and water have been enhanced. Maybe investment in them is worthwhile now...

The general setting of this mod is not in a medieval period anymore but in the era of pirates. This affects not least the variety of available armour and weappons. Especially ranged attack weapons are limited. The era of the pirates is more for firearms - and so they have been improved and no longer have so many drawbacks.

MIND: There is NO Knight-Class anymore (knights and the age of pirates don't go along very well - don't they?). So make sure you do not try to import a party with a knight - it will cause a crash.

A thread with discussion and hints is here: Grimrock-Forum

May you do well!

July 2022

A lot of people helped me with this Mod. Have a look at the 'credits' file for further details (but beware of spoilers!).