Legend of Grimrock 2

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George Paul Moffatt

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This is not a new game, but an updated and modified version of Wrath of the Gorgons v1.2.

Permissions and credits
In this version:

* Graphical improvements
* New puzzles added
* All levels tweaked, or completly redesigned
* Better distribution of items, spells etc
* Custom monsters changed in certain levels, and their attributes adjusted
* Numerous other changes done (hopefully for the better!)


Ancient Greece was in turmoil, for it was the time of the Trojan Wars. The port city of Kronos, with its army decimated and in retreat, seemed destined to fall. In desperation, King Minos ordered warriors to travel to the Island of Cerna, the Land of the Gorgons, to retrieve an artifact of immense power: "The Oracle of the Gods", for only this could save the city now. As the warriors reached the Island, not even their darkest nightmares could prepare them for what lay ahead....


There are NO firearms in this game (no guns in Ancient Greece!). Don't waste skill points on this ability. Create your own characters at the start, as the default party option will create a character with a firearms skill.

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