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This pack contains 2 sets, the default "Utility Set 1" and the bonus "Redwood Forest". The utility pack has many different helpful parts to help add more life to your dungeons. The redwood forest adds a whole new tile set to create a full redwood forest biome.

Permissions and credits
This is my utility pack that I designed for a mod I was going to create; I decided to just create resource packs instead. It contains 32 objects and 4 tiles. Many of the objects are just extra stuff for the dungeon tile set, like archways, bridges, lanterns/ candles, tables and a retractable bridge. Have a couple cave-ins and rubble piles as well. The tiles are just a few things I wanted like the dungeon floor height map, the LOG 1 dungeon ceiling and couple other things. Now I come to my favorite, the Bonus Redwood Forest, I was originally going to only upload the Utility pack 2 weeks ago, and then decided to create a redwood forest. The redwood forest contains 37 objects and 9 tiles pieces; there are 5 different types of trees, 3 types of baby tree clumps, 3 different fern clumps, 2 bushes, 9 types of rocks and much more. The tiles are set up to give you the option to have grass or no grass, same with the underwater tile. You can create an entire redwood biome.

-- Installation --

I made this as easy as could to apply to your existing project. All you need to do
is drag and drop the mod_assets folder inside the zip to the location of your mod_assets
folder and overwrite. Don't worry none of your existing content will be overwritten
(unless your folders start with "vb_" eg: vb_textures). Your dungeon.lua will not be
overwritten either, nothing will (except the mod_assets folder its self).

After you have the files extracted just add this line to your init.lua
import "mod_assets/vb_scripts/scripts_util_s1/init.lua"

That’s it! Enjoy!


Just uploaded version 1.1 , this will fix the model issues and smooth out the frame rates ;)
If you find any problems please post it and ill try to the best of my ability to fix it :)