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A java application to edit your save game files. Export champions from a mod to a new game, change anything in a current game; names, portraits, skills points, traits, level and experience... Requires java 1.5 or newer.

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This tool was mainly created to clean save game files from mod skills and traits to export a party and import in a new game. The game engine does not support importing champions with undefined skills, spells and traits inherited from another mod for example.

However with it you can edit anything else to your liking in a save game file. As always, please don't overwrite any of your precious files when using this tool. You can change anything in the file data (and change things you should not!). To prevent accidents, the file menu only has a "save as" option; it is recommended to create a new file when you are experimenting with the tool.

the menus:


- open: browse to your grimrock directory and select a save game file (*.sav) to open.
- save as: be careful if you choose to overwrite anything.


- undo: undo your last edition
- redo: redo your last undone edition
- copy: copy the selected element. If you copy an element from the STAB chunk, a text or a portrait's image, you can paste it in other applications.
- cut: copy + remove
- paste: overwrites the selected element with the copied one. You can paste text or image from other applications to an element in the STAB chunk.
- insert: inserts the copied element before the selected one.
- remove: removes the selected element.
- remove all mods traits: removes all traits from champions which are not from the original game.
- convert all mods skills to unused points: removes all skills from champions which are not from the original game, and grants the lost skill points as unused points for each champion. Be careful if you undo this to check the unused points.

changing the value of an element:

Move the mouse cursor over the cell of the value you want to change. You can use the left or right buttons of the mouse, the left/right keys to change the value. Depending on the value type, other keys may be used; numeric and backspace for integer values, any character key and backspace for text.

select an element:

If you click on the first cell to the left of an element, then it is highlighted and becomes the selected element. All edition commands, except changing values, target the selected element, or the element under the mouse cursor if no element is selected. Click one more time to unselect the element. Be careful, the selected element may be out of the screen when you try to edit something, remember to select something visible or to unselect all before editing anything.


Stab elements are a special case in the copy/paste functions, as they use the system clipboard and allow you to get or replace the image of a portrait or text from another application. In this version of the tool, only 128x128 pixels portraits are supported, even if you try to change the width and height values in the Cimg chunks. So the image you paste will be croped or filled with transparent pixels to match this size.


Editing a text in the Stab chunk impacts all the other chunks of the file, as they use text by reference in this table. So if you change the name of a champion, it's perfectly ok, but if you change the text of a race (don't know if it would work in game?) then you change the race of all the other champions of the same race too!

If you have any idea of a new menu that would be useful, let me know in the comments!

-- change log --

Version 1.3

Correction of a bug with the copy/paste functions and STAB elements.