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This is the Dungeon of Mysteries. It is my attempt to recreate a Grimrock 1 style (STYLE) of dungeon with the Grimrock 2 map maker.

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THE STORYYou and your friends were all accused of crimes that you may or may not have committed. But, none of that matters now, as you were thrown into the hellish Dungeon of Mysteries. Named as such because it has never been fully explored and nobody knows when it was made. The exit lies far above, at the peak of the mountain it's set in. Many have tried to open the exit with blasts and magic but, alas, it appears to be sealed with a powerful magic. A magic no mortal could break. With the dungeon entrance sealed and barred behind you, you have no choice but to succeed where many others have failed. If you escape - you shall be granted freedom and will be allowed wealth beyond your wildest dreams.
Please leave comments as to what I could improve on in my mapmaking. There are 5 secret areas in the first floor. (1 of them is nothing major and the other is an iron door like in grimrock 1) Let me know if you can find them all!