Legend of Grimrock 2

About this mod

Isle of Nex filled with many new spells to discover !

Permissions and credits
The multiple elemental schools spells pack integrated in the main campaign of Grimrock 2, Isle of Nex. 
Discover the 105 spells from the Multiple Magic Schools Spells Pack ! 

The pack can be integrated in your own dungeon mod, more details here: 
Multiple Magic Schools Spells Pack

On your quest many surprises await you: 
- lots of new spells. 
- new traits added to the skills system. 
- new weapons and armors from MinAssets.

Some suggestions: 
- create or import a party with more than one spell caster. 
- use hard mode to challenge your powerful team.

See also my new mod Eternal Recurrence

-- change log --

Version 3.4.1

Bug Fix:
- Compatibility with screen resolutions higher than 1080 lines (height).


Version 3.4

Bug fix:
- Potential crash on loading the game fixed. In previous version, quick items use bar could corrupt your game if you switched directly an item grabbed from a chest, alcove, altar or any surface except the ground, with an item in the quick bar.


Version 3.3

Difficulty balance:
- Easy mode: -30% damage, -60% health / defense for monsters
- Normal mode: -10% damage, -30% health / defense for monsters
- Hard mode: +10% damage for monsters

New feature:
- Quick items use bar for each character. Shows the first 4 inventory slots. Use left mouse button to drink a potion, equip an armor or weapon, eat food, ...


Version 3.2

Bug fixes:
- Fixed the free projectile spells triggered by firearm, missile and throwing weapons.
- Fixed the spawning and filling of container items via script for modders using the pack.


Version 3.1

Bug fixes:
- Osmosis can no longer kill characters at very high spell power (above 1000%).

Difficulty balance:
- Osmosis now costs 50 energy and its duration is reduced.
- Earthquake now breaks invisibility and no longer deals damage through walls and obstacles.
- Earthquake damage reduced through random rocks eruption (new animation).
- Fire Aura deals 4 times its previous damage.
- Negentropy deals 2 times its previous damage.
- All Shall Fall deals 2 times its previous damage.
- Scroll of Feast moved to herder den.
- One manabound gun moved from Castle Nex to Forgotten River.
- Early game difficulty: physical classes gain some starting accuracy bonus.
- Enchantments maximum power is now limited by the caster's level.

New features:
- Dispel can now destroy equipment and weapon items to create crystal shards of enchantment.
- Enchanting an item requires one crystal shard of enchantment.
- Barbarian new ability: cooldown reduced for heavy weapons.
- Alchemist new ability: +1% critical chance per level for firearms.
- Ammo crafting through alchemy for firearms.
- New elemental rods for fire, water and earth. Lightning rod redesigned.
- Archmage pieces gives +5% to all spells power. The full set gives an additional +20% to all spells power.
- Wizards gain +2% energy regeneration rate per level.


Version 3.0.1

Bug fixes:
- Fixed the scaling of interface elements (xp bar, stats, mortar...) for various screen resolution. At this point the 1600 x 1200 screen size is not supported though.
- Health and energy regeneration potions no longer crash the game.
- The frozen champion condition cured by Nature's Grace no longer keeps the party unable to move.
- Crystal shards of protection no longer last forever and crash the game when casting Shield.


Version 3.0

New features:
- Aura and Strong Mind no longer unlock all spells bonus effects. Each trait in the game unlocks a few of them instead.
- Elemental shields spells reduced to the 4 base spells only. A caster with Concentration 5 can now cast a new shield without removing the currently active shield(s).
- Multiple elemental shields replaced with Mage Armor spells. Those spells increase some schools spell power and decrease others until canceled.
- New alchemy system implemented with a custom mortar interface not linked to hands slots.
- New recipes. Most of them now require water flasks in addition to the normal ingredients.
- Empty flasks can be used in front of water to replenish them.

Difficulty balance:
- Vengeance reduced from 20% to 10% maximum health.
- Boss health added in the previous version has been reduced by about 50%.
- A few new monsters and boss attacks.

Bug fixes:
- Arcane Flash, Dark Bolt's light blast and Time Bolt radius reduced to avoid damaging the party when cast back to some walls or obstacles.
- Wind rider, All Shall Fall and detection spells optimized.
- Redirection no longer continues applying on a dead tank!
- Earthquake no longer damages flying monsters.
- Rock spells and some other effects are now correctly destroyed when they finish. Reduces useless save bloat.
- Poison clouds now merge when they appear on the same tile for better visual and framerate. Their damage is not lost in the process.
- Oracle items detection optimized.
- Crystal mine power me up receptor now correctly triggered by casted lightning bolts.
- Castle water tiles are now visible on the map.


Version 2.5.1

New features:
- Several conditions removed and replaced with spells timers icons; arcanic charges, wind rider, flow of mind, energy whirl, force of will, angelic shield, health/energy/food gains and losses.
- Timer icons now show which character they apply to, if any.
- Detection spells recoded to be less performance heavy. 
- Enchantments scale half as fast as before with the caster's skills and willpower. However their maximum power is unchanged.
- Healing now costs 15% of maximum energy instead of current energy. 
- Regeneration now costs 20% of maximum energy instead of current energy. 
- Life Bloom now costs 25% of maximum energy instead of current energy.
- Energy Whirl affects all champions with or without the aura trait. 
- Immortal and Alter Time requirements swaped.
- Alter Time now costs 150 energy instead of 100 energy.

Bug fixes:
- Magic Bridge now has the correct energy cost (80) in its description.
- The Invisibility timer icon is correctly removed when the invisibility condition is lost.
- The Immortal timer icon now is removed if all champions have consumed their revive condition.

If you use a saved game from the previous version, the patch will apply automatically, it can take some time with a black screen before all previous effects are purged, so be patient!

The spell_pack dungeon example is updated for this version.


Version 2.5

New features:
- "Toorum mode": monsters kills now grant experience points based on the number of characters in your party (equally divided).
- New visual interface to track spells and effects durations.
- New visual interface for resistance diminishing returns.
- New visual interface for health and energy regeneration.
- Monsters now also gain accuracy when they scale.
- Health and energy potions now have a scaling part to be more useful to high level characters.
- Magic Bridge has a one second animation before being usable. So it can no longer be chained infinitely (was not intended!).
- Detections spells have a longer duration and their elementals schools have been fixed.
- Oracle now also detects items.
- Cure Petrify replaced with Flow of Mind. Makes the party immune to petrified and paralyzed conditions while active. (Usable in Toorum mode!)
- The Island Master clones are no longer considered normal living beings by the Detect Life and Shadowlands Vision spells.

Difficulty balance:
- The Viper Roots first boss now have 500 health instead of 300.
- The Trickster encounter in Twigroot Tunnels requires twice the previous damage.
- The Sewers Trickster fight requires 4 times the previous damage.
- The Sewers Ratling boss fight requires 4 times the previous damage.
- The Barren Desert Magma Golems now have 5000 health instead of 1000 (and the Trickster also has more health).
- The skeleton knight commanders bosses also have more health (and also the secret custom golems in the cemetery above).
- The Lindworm has massively more health :)
- The Island Master also gained some health and shield power, and one new attack.
- The number of spiders in the Crystal mine is a little reduced (kill the eggs to stop the invasion!).
- Medusa now always hit with their petrifying attack. Deal with it! (If you play in "Toorum mode", be careful...)
- Enchantment spells scrolls have been moved to be accessed earlier.
- Pyrometabolism spell scroll has been moved to be accessed earlier (starting area).

Bug fixes:
- Internal renaming of the Haste spell to avoid confusion with the Haste trait in the traits interface.
- Burst and zone spells no longer pass through forcefields.
- Ice blocks no longer loose their collisions properties when falling from one map to another.
- Feast now has the correct energy cost (150) in its description.
- Frozen condition for champions no longer lasts forever for teams smaller than 4 characters.
- Alter Time is no longer canceled on saved game reload.
- Mirror no longer resurrects characters!
- The Scroll of Energy Whirl is no longer missing in the game (Forgotten River).
- Dead monsters should no longer burn.
- Enchantments on new armors should no longer be partially erased by set bonuses activation.
- The Island Master granted experience on death is now scaling like all other monsters.
- The Ring on a String no longer disturbs the rescaled experience visual interface in the character sheet.
- Dormant golems should no longer be hit by zone spells and look stupid.


Version 2.4

New features:
- Critical hit chance now apply also to all spells. Elemental mastery traits and the Spirit trait add bonuses to critical spells and are included in the dungeon example.
- Melee spells trigger traits are included in the dungeon example.
- Fire enchantment can turn a branch into a torch.
- New visual for the detect spells.
- Some minor bugs and map fixes.


Version 2.3.5 (spell pack)

Update of the spell pack dungeon example to match the fixes of the main campaign integration:
- fixes a crash with the spell All Shall Fall and flying monsters.
- fixes a bug with non-cumulative delayed effects (they were delayed at the wrong time).
- makes drain life bolt and steal life bolt compatible with the Lindworm (and monsters with the cross shape or shapes of more than one tile).

Update of the Lindworm fight implementation in MISCELLANEOUS to fix the missing experience award of the previous version.


Version 2.3.5b

fixed a wrong placed invisible wall
if with a previous version you still meet an invisible wall in Hamlet of Stormbreach, then you can remove it with this command:


Version 2.3.5

Fixes a crash with flying monsters and All Shall Fall spell. To get the fix in an old save use one of the following commands:



spells_functions.script.tileFunctions.allShallFall = function(x, y, z) for e in party.map:entitiesAt(x, y) do if e.monster and e.elevation == z then if e.monster:getFlying() then e.monster:setFlying(false) e.gravity:enable() spells_functions.script.delayEffects(10, spells_functions.script.fly, {e.id}) end end end end


Version 2.3.4

New features:
- A new item for high level characters: Potion of Might. Consumes one unused skill point, and gives +1 strength, +1 dexterity, +1 vitality and +1 willpower. Requires: 1 Blooddrop Cap, 1 Etherweed, 1 Mudwort, 1 Falconskyre and Alchemy Level 5.

- Scaling monsters: monsters now scale with you. They gain 5% damage, 5% health and award 5% more experience per level. Farmers get +5% experience per level to keep it balanced.

- A new patch file available for the patch system: 'monsters'. With it you can get the new scaling monsters system in your old save. See version 2.3.2 if you never installed the patch system, then use this command:

- To get scaling food for farmers in your old save, use this command:


Version 2.3.3

Fixes a crash at the character creation screen


Version 2.3.2

New features:
- A smoothed experience curve. You will reach higher levels faster past level 10. The required experience to gain one level in now (current level) x 1000 at any level.
- A patch system for players who started to play with previous 2.3.x version of the mod. To use the patch system, you will need to activate the console in game and copy/paste the following commands:

- to get the patch system:

- if you want the smoothed experience curve:
(note: with this patch you will get the smoothed effect, but the experience shown on your character sheet will have wrong number, sorry! The level and progression bar is accurate, though, no problem!)

- if you want to put down those two annoying balance runes floating over the floor:

- if you want to see what patches will be available when future updates of the mod will be published:
patcher.script.help()version 2.3.1


Version 2.3.1

Correction of a bug with the new magic skills traits. They did not trigger their free spell cast when attacking with weapons at all.
New item: Amulet of Balance.
Switched some spells scrolls locations to get lower levels spells sooner.
Fixed two floating balance runes that should now stay on the floor!


Version 2.3.0

The new remake of Isle of Nex is now available! It adds many new spells, surprise items, class changes, and fixes the previously missing Lindworm fight!


version 2.3

Correction of a bug with the Immortal spell.


version 2.2

Correction of a bug with the light system. It was not compatible with game saving in the previous version.
New icon for the vengeance spell.


version 2.1

One unused empty directory removed.


version 2.0

Many new features and spells to discover in the dungeon example files. The update of the "Isle of Nex" campaign will come soon!


version 1.2

-- Warning ! --

Unfortunately, the Lindworm boss fight is incomplete in this version of this mod, and the previous ones. But this problem is totally unrelated to the spells pack itself, you can still use it in a custom dungeon without worrying about it. It is the Lindworm from the scripting reference of Almost Human that has this limitation.

here is a console command to kill the lindworm (use it only on the castle roof =P):
for e in party.map:allEntities() do if e.monster then e.monster:setMonsterFlag("CantDie", false) e.monster:die() end end
So now let's see if the true end boss fight works correctly !

Correction of a bug crashing the game when saving while those 3 spells were active:
- Wind Blow
- Fierce Storm
- All Shall Fall

New feature: the Fire Enchantment spell can make a torch last forever.


version 1.1

Changed the gesture of the arcane nova spell to allow the hidden balance spell to be cast to access the shrine of balance.

If you use the 1.0 version of the mod, activate the console command when you are on the balance symbol in front of the castle and enter this command:

party:setPosition(party.x, party.y, party.facing, party.elevation, party.level+1)


To activate the console command:
- go to Documents\Almost Human\Legend of Grimrock 2
- open grimrock.cfg (with notepad)
change lines for:
console = true
consoleKey = 192

Start game
press ~ 
console will appear