Legend of Grimrock 2
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About this mod

The Dungeon Master Resource from Germanny (Ralf Hinrichsen), ported to Grimrock 2 with complete support for water, elevation, bug fixes, and more.

Permissions and credits
This is the Grimrock 2 version of Germanny's Dungeon Master Resource. All assets are copyright Ralf Hinrichsen (germanny); I only performed the conversion and made the example dungeon. For the complete description and license terms, please consult the README.
A large example dungeon (Artifacts of Might) is included.
The original Grimrock 1 version of the Germanny's Dungeon Master Resource can be found at http://www.nexusmods.com/grimrock/mods/231/.

Germanny's Dungeon Master Resource brings a classic environment to the Grimrock world with original, high quality models and textures. Almost every item from Dungeon Master is included, too, as are a variety of new assets to create interesting new environments.
The Grimrock 2 port comes with many new features over the Grimrock 1 version:
- Elevation support
- Water support
- Tiles
- Automatic wall dirt and corners
- Many improvements to objects made possible by the component system
- Occluders, ItemConstrainBoxes, and all the other features needed for good Grimrock 2 objects
- Bug fixes and optimization
- And more!
Although the Resource is inspired by Dungeon Master, no copyrighted content has been taken from it. All of the assets are 100% original and legal.

This download also includes the example dungeon, Artifacts of Might, which shows how to use the various assets. Open up ArtifactsOfMight.dungeon_editor in the Dungeon Editor to look at it; if you want to play it, just export the dungeon (File -> Export...) and you can play it from the Custom Dungeons menu. If you already downloaded the standalone version of Artifacts of Might, there is no need to export this version; both are the exact same dungeon.