Legend of Grimrock 2

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Your crew have been shipwrecked on an island. After being washed ashore, you found a strange trapdoor in the beach cove, your crew opened the trapdoor and descended the shaft to find a lever on the wall! This is a cursed lever and should be left well alone!

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A terrible storm brought  your ship onto the rocks of a random island in the middle of the ocean. You and 3 others swam from the terrible shipwreck through shark infested seas without being eaten and fell exhausted onto the beach, where friendly turtles scuttled in and out of the waves. The next morning 1 of your crew “Shadow” finds a Trapdoor in the beach cove!  Amazed and intrigued you see ‘Shadow’ open the trapdoor and descend downwards. Pretty soon all 4 of you are standing on a dark ledge – you have found your way into the Island Castle’s sewers! videos>   first hour of the game at: http://youtu.be/T5cIowMjD3gVideo second hour  at: http://youtu.be/0O2iWZBB-U0