Legend of Grimrock 2

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Now the tide’s begun
its clockwork turn, pouring,
in the day’s hourglass,
toward the other side of the world.

Permissions and credits
Eye of the Atlantis is custom RPG dungeon full of treasures, monsters and puzzles.

- huge complex open world
- shops, new classes, traits and skills
- about 90 new items
- many new recipes, potions
- forge for crafting items, blueprints
- planned gametime 20 hours
- storyline and some world´s lore
- many quests and sub-quests
- lots of original models and assets

you can leave any comment or questions here:

HUGE thanks to whole Log community, especially to these people without which dungeon was never finished in current stage 

- Steingrímur Óskarsson 
- John Wordsworth 
- Isaac 
- AdrTru 

sapientCrow, Soaponarope, Shaf, marten_1992 - grammar checks / translation (about 90% checked so far) 

akroma22 - scripting help, skill manager, trait manager, weapon expert and advisor ! 
alois - shop system scripting 
AndakRainor - wonderfull custom spells and spell expert advisor ! 
bongobeat - overall help, testing and feedback ! 
cameronC - many epic weapons and items scripting 
critical-Dean - character portraits
cromcrom - scripting help and overall help 
Doridion - cloning offset objects, water level setting
Eleven Warrior - overall help and some object conversion 
Frenchie - scripting help
Jkos - script help, many hooks, party hiring script ! 
Johaleen - healing spells and learning spells scripting ! 
Leki - scripting help, modeling and overall help ! 
Mahric Dreamhunter - scriptable NPCs, camera fly, scripting help 
marten_1992 - testing and huge feedback ! 
minmay - scripting help, HUGE optimization help, feedback and testing
Potawan - beautifull damaged and dead champion portraits ! 
Prozail - pendulum and ball trap, shop, scripting help, coins 
QuintinStone - magic ladder scripting idea
Thorham - weight puzzle script

Custom Music by Eric Matyas 

Marcus Dellicompagni - dragon warrior song 
neeluchawla - healing mantra sound 
FoolBoyMedia - forest song 
Sound effects (freesounds.org) and models (turbosquid free models) 
drondron1986 (turbosquid)- free model of Conwill statue 

Custom assets 
zimberzimber asset

Whole Winter tileset by Skuggsvein 
Sx Town - Skuggsvein, some converted by Eleven Warrior 
Asia objects - Phitt 
Mines - Phitt. conversion Eleven Warrior and minmay 
Grim Furniture Set - Germmany 
Custom slimes - Daveyx0 
Cosy Dungeons Set - Phitt 
Neo_asset - odinsballs 
Lookable Barrel Chest - Skuggsvein 
Dm asset and some custom objects (like lighting orbs, some weapon design etc.) - minmay

version 3j
- Zimber's assets in action:
-- Thawing and chill potion
-- flowing river and waterfalls
-- many ratling NPCs just hanging around
-- imp, imp lord and heretic
-- many old monsters with new abilites causing freeze, burn, bleeding, disarming etc.

- Elemental tower level 2 and 4 reworked (new layout, boss fight, etc.)
- new mini area next to the Highsnow where you can learn any hero a trait (one ruby - Head Hunter etc...)
- crowern merchant moved a little, so the dialogue will not interrupt the game so often
- worm area inside the Hideout reworked a little
- dexterity potion recipe added
- new potion of pernament protection including recipe
- fire napalm renamed to hot napalm to clear library items-riddle
- some shop items change (skulls not sell-able etc.)

BUGs fixed:
- no longer snowing when using Pale village-Conwill city teleport
- fixed bug where you can stuck on Cemetery level 2 puzzle
- poison shield and poison dart correction
- some new dialogues, corrections and grammar corrections thanks to Alex Diener youtube walktrough !
- some object facing corrections

Buffs / Debuffs
- Mummy Lord is stronger (again !)
- Valtharion starting mace debuffed a little, Hammer of Vengeance buffed a little
- Poison crowerns buffed a little

Still not fixed
- invisible automap walls

version 3i
- first conversation in the Blue Inn cannot be skipped
- starting dialogue shorten up
- Shrine icon added in Pale village automap
- The Hammer of Revenge bug fixed (higher stats, no longer life leech)
- The Master boss has 50 less HP
- Mummy Lord now drains more energy when hit and is stronger
- ghost skeleton giving less xp and draining more xp damage
- Valtharion Mace improved a lot
- NEW WEAPON: Knife thrower
- NEW BLUEPRINT: Valtharion Mace upgrade
- NEW ITEM: Tome of reset skillpoints
- Quest item Green mole jerky has green aura around it
- some shop management (more items to buy and sell)
Zashan selling Tome of the wisdom
it is possible to sell some artifacts
More copper for some sellable items
Blue Inn has Rum potion

- some grammar correction(s)
- some texting slightly improved and some hints and events added

Version 3h
- the Nethelen Ruins are no longer acessible from the start of the game
- some Zashan dialogues slightly changed to reflect current progress
- more tips

version 3g
bugs fixed:
- pellet box no longer sold-able 
- Bloodhound no loger travel around Ogre magi room accidentally
- concentrated energy potion is now giving 225 energy instead 150
-- healing crystal added to the Watchtower Level 3
-- mummy plate puzzle replaced with another puzzle 
-- mithril legs added, mithril set extra bonus
-- special trait when Golden armor set suited up including the Might spell
-- thieves guild basement area expanded after completing Pale village quest
-- more tavern tips 
-- some weapons slightly upgraded
-- one new recipe
-- two new custom music
-- replaced tomb lanterns with minmay orbs 
-- shop item list upgraded a little 
-- few cosmetic graphical changes
-- secret recalculation - total of 24 secrets now