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  • KEYS MAP 2015

    KEYS MAP, over half the keys are shown hereIron Keys> Check the Treasure chest behind the rocks on the sea shore on Launch Beach at start of game> IF your crew does the optional Magic Bridge Mission from the Launch Dungeon you find a trapdoor going down to Wild Woods where 3 monsters are trapped in Force Fields, a spider, an Ogre and an Ice Warrior, there is an Iron Key at the Ice Warrior location> Crusadors level after finding the DragonBreath Revolver, find 2 secret buttons 1 after another> Crusadors, after choosing the upstairs from Deep Dungeons and finding 3 secret buttons, 1 also opens a Portcullis leading to a passageway, this passageway has a secret button that closes the Portcullis and reveals an Iron Key> Crusadors, after choosing the upstairs from Deep Dungeons an...


    The Rapier Sword is a critical item in the game! It can be found on Plantagenet Level, right in the centre of the base! Once you have it,
    use it at 3 separate "KEY" locations. 1 and 2, Survival Beach. From Blue Stones I, unlock a wooden door that exposes a short passageway containing a trapdoor. The trapdoor can be
    unlocked by a simple lever and leads down to "OLD RAILINGS LEVEL" and from here
    a pit leads to "SURVIVAL BEACH" where two beach gates are locked. Each one is
    unlocked by presenting the Rapier Sword 3, Abominations Swamp. The swamp is reached from Lagoons. First note that the perimeter pavement in Lagoons has several wall torches but
    one has a missing torch, where you replaced the missing torch, jump into deep ...

  • How to solve LAGOONS PUZZLE

    Initially Lagoons is reached from THE MINE. Upon arrival you discover two wall buttons, these are pressed LAST! (if you press them early
    don't worry, you can still press them last as well)  
    First, note that the perimeter pavement has several wall torches but one has a missing torch, Replace the missing torch with any old
    torch, this triggers a section of magic bridge that is unseen to you from the
    Second, travel around the perimeter pavement until you find several stones on the ground. This denotes a secret button nearby, jump in the
    water by the stones, push the secret button,  this triggers a section of magic
    bridge that is unseen to you from the underwater. Now go deeper in the water,
    drop down a level, you are...

  • master_Key

    After using the six Cube Keys and conquering the Assembled Legion in Castlevania, your crew need to access the 2 ladders at either end - 1 ladder has a secret button inside, this leads to a second ornate key, your crew then go to the 2nd ladder, now use 2 Ornate Keys a Skull key an Iron Key and a Gold Key - your Crew find the Unholy Master Key. What does this do? It unlocks any lock but particularly on the Launch Beach. If you remember, Blue Stones I at one end leads you back up to the Launch Beach and two trapdoors over at one end. The master key unlocks these FINAL entrances to hell itself, PREPARE WELL. ...

  • Teleporter 1

    When first descending to Dungeon 1 from the Beach you encounter Teleporter 1 This is seen at the far side of Dungeon 1 Simply enter it by moving across a "magic bridge" If you continue exploring the general dungeons area without doing that, your long term progress is largely unaffected. This opportunity is a
    "junior level" challenge and no critical items can be gained by taking the
    teleporter 1 route. Save the game at this point. Enter Teleporter 1 if you wish, you materialise in a Puzzle room, on the ground is a metal wrist band, leave it
    there temporarily and avoid that exact area until the very end of the puzzle!
     Now begin exploring in the middle of the room and work your way slowly to each end, finally picking up the the wrist band ...

  • Getting the six cube keys, and using them!

    First of all where do the 6 cube keys fit?  check the video live at: fit in the castle wing where your Sorcerer finds many of his blessed scrolls, this is found when coming up from Blue Stones I and you find a secret button in the shallow water, that unlocks a blue metal door leading to 'Nexus Vaults'The locks look at first glance like "Gear Locks" but they are not. They emit a faint cursed beam of light, just discernable and unlock with Cube Keys only.Six are needed to move through the Castle Private and Most Holy Library section, DANGER unholy etherals guard the Lindworm Warehouse that lies below this Library, if you disturb the shifting monsters they will hunt you down wherever you go to nextTIP have "DISPEL" at the ready, your So...

  • Getting / Using the Round Keys ,,Parts 2 and 3

    Getting / Using the Round Keys - see the video at at: which shows the obtaining of the final 2 Round Keys and using themThe first 4 Round Keys (as seen in the previous video and previous article) were all obtained in or around the Abominations Swamp - lair of Medusa and her Twin SisterThe Abominations Swamp is accessed off The Lagoons.The fifth Round Key is also found in The Abominations Swamp but on a previously inaccessable island. You need to Teleport there but where is the Teleporter? And why did you need a fifth Round Key when only 2 Round Keys are needed to start the Round Mission?Two Round Keys unlock the wooden gate on Deep Dungeons that allow you to enter the major amphitheatre mission. You face ledges of Skeleton Crusadors ...

  • Getting the Round Keys

    Getting the Round Keys is a very good part of the Game!A lot of fun to be had, there are SIX Round Keys needed to play some of the best parts of this game!Play the video at to see getting the first 4 Round Keys.You start off in "The old mine" and progress to Lagoons where are large expanse of Dungeon Underground water leads you to "Medusa's lair" and "Bluestones II"You find the four icons in Lagoons, as you take them a nearby portcullis raises letting you into "Abominations Swamp"In here you find a third statue with arms outraised into which you place the Rapier sword, this opens the Spire Gate, through there are TWO ROUND KEYS, pick them upThen you find several dead end water channels that lead to "Teleporters"...