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The Legend of Grimrock 2 GUI Toolkit is intended to provide a handy set of GUI scripts so that
modders can easily add NPC dialogues, message boxes and alerts to their mods.

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Alpha 006 onwards requires LOG2 Beta 2.2.4

Note: Alpha 007 removes the ability to set function objects as callbacks throughout the whole toolkit. You are now expected to send a "Connector String" in the form "object_name.script.function_name". You will likely need to update your work to use this new system. Apologies!

A GUI toolkit for Legend of Grimrock 2 Modders which provides a full GUI toolkit which allows building custom dialogues / windows and presenting them on the screen with fairly advanced widgets.

Also includes a bunch of pre-made modules which can easily be added into your mod with very little code. So far, the modules include;

- NPC Dialogues: Easily present some text (or an image) to the player and have them select a response in a dialogue / chatting type manner. It's possible to quickly chain together pages of dialogue to build full conversations with NPCs.

- Info Box: A box that pops up in the middle of the screen for a given amount of time. A fancy replacement for HUD Prints.

- Alert Box: Present a dialogue to the user with Okay / Cancel buttons at the bottom.

- Select Menu Alert: Present a list of options to the player and have them select one.