Legend of Grimrock 2
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only mod files.

complete MAM mods in testing room
! this and newer versions are integrated with FWhook

Contains - WeaponRack, SwordRack, ArmorRack and LedgeRack( for demonstration insert/remove conditions)

Permissions and credits
Only mod files without dungeon.
This new version isnt need fw framework.
Filesize optimalization.
racks are redefined lke pedestal for manipulating items from both sides
fix for bug on moving thru rack in different elevations ( as pedestal )
Read included Readme.txt for instalation doc.

Massive BugFix for SaveVariable problem
Inserted some short documentation.
Thx to Drakkan for bugreporting and testing

-Its nessesary to delete all rack object from dung and put there its new versins!
-change mam.lua ( in mod_assets/mam/scripts )
-change mam_init.lua ( in mod_assets/mam/scripts )

fixed problem with FW hook mod form JKos - Thx for this mod
Thx to bongobeat for bugreporting and testing

new functions with fw hook is defined as variable in every rack:
canMoveThru     = true  -- onMove hook -> if rack stay in free place set false for disabling to pass through rack.
canRemove = true -- onPickUpItem hook -> if this rack stay as decoration set fasle for disable get object from it
acceptToSurface    = true -> if all positions of inserted object are occupated object is stay in rack surface (standard) if you want to this object stay in mouse set false

-Its nessesary to delete all rack object from dung and put there its new versins!
-in init.lua file is redefined party object for hooks working
-change mam.lua ( in mod_assets/scripts )
-change mam_init.lua ( in mod_assets/mam/scripts )


WeaponRack - most of weapon positions from standard asset
SwordRack - some of sword definitions
ArmorRack - definitions for not cloth armors and shields
LedgeRack - definitions for pile of cloth wear and cap on top - for demonstration of insert/remove conditions

- documentation
- any next features from feedback

if you use previous version is nessessary to delete old racks and put new rack version to dung.
( are changes in internal script and this is update during new putting object to dung )