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- Added a fast travel system. Just place travel_node objects in your dungeon;
the player can freely teleport from travel_nodes to other travel_nodes that
they have found. You don't need to do ANYTHING except place the travel_node
- Added a new firearm, a rifle, together with buffs to the vanilla firearms.
There is an option, MIN_BUFF_FIREARMS, that can be set in MinAssets.lua to
disable the buffs to firearms. The rifle model is not mine; see CREDITS.txt.
- Added "manabound" versions of all firearms, which do not require ammunition.
Manabound revolvers, repeaters, and cannons also have new fire-based special
attacks. Have fun launching mortars! Just be careful when doing it indoors...
- Added 10 armor piercing to great hammers and Tormentor, since they are maces,
but reduced Tormentor's attack power to compensate.
- Changed CREDITS.txt layout.
- Added sections to USAGE.txt.
- Removed Forgotten River from the example dungeon.

- Removed duplicate Air Cushion definition that gave it the wrong icon.

- Added example dungeon.
- Added items:
- The Third Eye: An emerald that shines a beam of light on nearby secret buttons while carried in open inventory.
- Sack of Infinity: A sack that functions as a "bag of holding": it can hold 16 items and items inside it are weightless.
- Repeating Crossbow: A missile weapon that fires 3 bolts with one click.

- Added spells:
- Firebeam: A beam of fire that can hit multiple enemies. Fire 4.

- Air Cushion: Caps the party's falling speed so that they cannot take falling damage. Air 2.
- Discharge: Electricity instantly hits nearby monsters and can arc between them. Air 5.

- Shatter: A burst of concussive force deals physical damage to all adjacent monsters and stuns them. Earth 4.
- Grasp of the Leech: Burst spell. Does poison damage and heals the party for the damage done. Earth 5.

- Magical Breathing: Breathe underwater. Water 2, Air 1.
- Disrupt: Burst spell. Severely damages undead, elementals, and constructs. Water 4.
- Hailstorm: A barrage of hailstones that deal half physical, half ice damage. Water 5, Air 1.
- Added the lights from Lost Halls of the Drinn. They use Grimrock 2 textures now, and have slightly better visual effects. Variations are included for the castle, tomb, and forest tilesets.
- Added the pedestal, table, wall-mounted tray, and shelf from Lost Halls of the Drinn. Again, they use Grimrock 2 textures and have variations for the castle, tomb, and forest tilesets.
- Added the Essences of Life, Spirituality, Physicality, and Death, and their corresponding beacons and decals, so you don't have to download Extra Essences separately. Also made the beacons work at any height (unlike the standard assets...)
- Added Toorum mode. Just load mod_assets/MinAssets/toorum/toorum.lua to enable it. See USAGE.txt for more details. It's a little better than my previously released Toorum mode (no longer potentially starts him with less than max health/energy).
- "Finished" the Earth armour set, it is less hideous now.
- Changed Harngha's weight to 0.4 kg (previously 3.0 kg). This is the weight it was always intended to have.
- Shrunk an unnecessarily large particle texture (items/essences/glow_ring_trans.dds).
- Made the Admascus Longsword's icon match its model's colors better.
- Renamed drinn_item_icons.dds to icons.dds and added new item icons in it.
- Better usage of local variables.
- Fixed typo in CREDITS.txt.
- Made CREDITS.txt more specific about where a sound file is used.

- First public release.
- Elemental armor sets for each of the nine runes:
- These are native to Lost Halls of the Drinn (though only the Life set was included at release), but several visual and mechanical changes have been made.
- They are very high-level items, significantly above the Meteor or Crystal sets, but this is quite easy to change: you only need to change the values in a few tables and the onEquip/Unequip hooks, as the items themselves are auto-generated.
- Each has one piece for all five "normal" armor slots (body, legs, head, feet, hands).
- All pieces in a set have the same bonuses.
- Completed sets have the bonuses increased. For example, the Fire set has its Strength bonus doubled.
- Unlike the sets in the standard Grimrock 2 assets, the items' descriptions display the set bonuses.
- NOTE: The Earth and Air sets' materials and particles are completely unfinished. It is recommended that you avoid using these sets for now because they look very ugly as a result. Alternatively, make your own materials/particles for them!
- All weapons from Lost Halls of the Drinn. Some of the models, textures, and particles have been improved, and all item stats were adapted for Grimrock 2.
- The four elemental amulets from Lost Halls of the Drinn (these are very boring).