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A plug-and-play collection of miscellaneous assets. Currently includes:
- objects taken from Lost Halls of the Drinn: weapons, amulets, the "elemental armor" set (nine different armor sets, one for each of the runes), lights, tables, shelves, pedestals.
- 8 new spells.
- An extremely easy to use fast travel system.
- "Manabound" firearms (use no ammo) and a new firearm, a rifle. Also, a repeating crossbow.
- Miscellaneous new items, including the Third Eye (detects secret buttons) and the Sack of Infinity (nullifies the weight of items inside it).
- Essences of Death, Life, Physicality, and Spirituality, and the corresponding beacons and runes. Now you have essences for all 9 elements!
- A very easy way to add Toorum mode to your mod.