Legend of Grimrock 2
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Randomizes items, monsters and characters for playing with the default Grimrock 2 dungeon

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  • The positions of all non-key items are shuffled around.
    • Equipment is almost only ever shuffled with other equipment
    • Beginner weapons don't swap with others (so you still find stuff to equip yourself with early on)
    • Rare items such as gold keys, tomes, crystal flowers and stat potions only swap with each other (unless..?)
  • Items have random stats
    • Items lose some of their original base stats
    • Some items have their stats swapped with other items
    • Items have extra random stats (which can be negative)
    • Special attacks are randomized and the stats of those specials also have a degree of randomization (cost, damage, cooldown, etc)
    • Items can get spell charges (weapons and shields, any of the spells)
    • Torches also have random stats
  • Throwing weapons don't stack by default
    • Since throwing weapons have unique stats, they can't stack. But you can increase the stack on a weapon you like by right-clicking it and inserting a similar weapon in the inventory that opens up
  • Items get a random color and description
  • Monsters swap places based on how tough they are
  • Monsters can drop some randomized loot, which is better at later maps
  • Monsters are 10% to 20% stronger to balance all the extra player stats
  • Your class, race and starting traits are randomized when the game start, so don't bother picking those
  • All races are blank. A random stat bonus will be assigned in place of it
  • Secrets and gold key locks have better item odds and have extra items in them