Legend of Grimrock 2
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An import of the first game's Tunnel Ogre enemy. Many of this enemy's assets were included in the second game, but the monster itself was not implemented, although the very similar Forest Ogre was. This mod adds the Tunnel Ogre in for your use when creating custom dungeons.

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This mod imports the Tunnel Ogre enemy from the first Legend of Grimrock game. Many of the enemy's assets were included in Legend of Grimrock 2, but the monster itself was not implemented (although the very similar Forest Ogre was). This mod allows you to use the enemy when creating custom dungeons.

This mod adds:
  • The Tunnel Ogre enemy
  • The Ogre Hammer, the weapon used and dropped by this enemy
  • The Ogre Hammer two-handed variation, a version of the hammer that has the two-handed trait, which I felt was more in keeping with the heavy weapons of Grimrock 2
  • A variant of the Tunnel Ogre which drops this two-handed variation (although the Ogre itself does not wield the weapon two-handed, as I don't have the skills to change models and animations)

By default, the two-handed and one-handed hammers, and the two Ogre variations that drop them, have no statistical differences, but you can easily change this by opening the "monsters.lua" and "items.lua" in the "scripts" folder inside the main mod folder and tweaking the values until they fit best what you want.

Obviously, either or both hammers and ogre variants can be used in your dungeon, but by default, both hammers are simply called "Ogre Hammer". If using both, it's advisable to change the name of one of them (e.g. you could call the two-handed one "Large Ogre Hammer"). This can be done in the "items.lua" file, in the "scripts" folder inside the main mod folder. In the case of using both, it's also probably a good idea to change the statistics of one or both of them, so that there's some benefit that justifies having to use two hands for one of them.

  1. Once you have downloaded the .zip archive, extract it into any folder.
  2. If you extracted it somewhere else, copy the entire "import_tunnelOgre" folder into the "mod_assets" folder for the dungeon you want to use this mod in.
  3. Go into your "mod_assets/scripts" folder and load "init.lua".
  4. Add the following line of code to the end of the file:
  5. import "mod_assets/import_tunnelOgre/init.lua"
  6. The next time you load your dungeon in the editor, you should see "tunnel_ogre" and "tunnel_ogre_ohh" (the one-handed hammer variant) under the enemies tab, and "ogre_hammer" and "ogre_hammer_one_handed" under the items tab.

Note: if you have your dungeon loaded while you add the files, you may need to reload the dungeon for the enemies and item to appear.