Legend of Grimrock 2

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An open-world adventure featuring new elements, assets, and differing ways to journey.
Contains new tomes, spells, enemies, weapons, amour, skills, traits, species, and others.

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For years, four associates met on a weeknight's end todiscuss and understand the mysteries of the multiverse. During the hotter
months on this distant world of Nanzhan, these four acquaintances found a way
to traverse other worlds using the Baoshi. These journeys to the surreal worlds
offered new experiences that few others had known. By running tests and researching all they could about thisuniverse, their advanced technologies allow them to prepare for the upcoming
challenges they may face.Now on this expedition, the four acquaintances discover aworld that is harsh, yet beautiful.Their arrival on the new world ‘Aomi’ is one that must notbe underestimated. The world is fractured, unstable, and in order to acquire
and return home with what they desire, they must find the relics spread amongst
the land. Stranded until they can offer the items this world requires,they must battle, adapt, and conquer or be consumed. The world of Aomi is yours to explore.Use your wits, stay together, and fight if you wish tosurvive. Nanzhan is now a world away, and your stay should not be a long one.