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Falagar is a huge mod (+40h) that aims at bringing the player an actual adventure, a journey, comparable to good old games like the Might and Magic series or Wizardry. Party character development in various new ways, exploration of the vast world and discovering of the many secrets which grant much needed bonuses, are at the core of this mod.

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Version 1.36 is now live [Jul 2020]
See the download section to give it a try.

While there is combat in Falagar, it is not a death simulator or an arena where one is forced into a tight area to fight for their life. Most of the traps are positioned in a fair manner and there are not many pitfalls around. There are, of course, riddles and mysteries to unfold, many of the secrets are optional and the required ones should not be too difficult. In addition to this, you will not find an intense "story" with plenty of notes or even dialogue. Progress by playing, discover new areas and make sure you grab the elemental spheres dropped by the guardians of the dragonrider.
Below, I will briefly address some of the features of the mod.

Feedback is always welcome, as are requests for help or bug reports. Hope you enjoy the mod and have fun playing. Do not forget to endorse the mod after you got a first impression and enjoyed it.


-New traits have been added for specific custom races (e.g. trinket collector, food hoarder)
-Altered skills from the base game and changed requirements and traits
-Many new conditions, both negative and positive
-New status effects through enemy attacks (e.g. intoxication, burden)
-Hidden traits like armor proficiency (see class descriptions for hints)


-Five new custom races (Cormorant, Huldra, Troll, Mantis, Armadillo)
-New classes (e.g. Brawler, Legionary, Dark Wizard)
-Original races and classes have all been altered
-Classes have "favorite" weapon types which grant bonuses when equipped
-Bonuses increase as classes level up (some have thresholds, e.g. +10 prot at lvl 7)
-Races vary in Exp gain rate


-Many new items of all kinds with custom graphics, altered original stuff [Careful: No new 3D meshes]
-New food types added
-Food consumption may have negative effects (e.g. raw meat)
-Multitude of set items (e.g. peasant set, monk set, etc)
-Three new container types for herbs and potions, darts and missiles
-Failed armor requirements more severe than "-X evasion" (class dependency)
-Cloth armor grants evasion bonuses and is a valid choice
-New light sources candle and lantern (longest burning time)
-Tomes with different effects for chars or the entire party (e.g. hunger reduction, exp gain rate, etc)
-Rare tomes which increase a specific skill


-A multitude of custom made weapons, armor and shields
-Original items have been altered (e.g. torch is a weapon)
-Drastically altered monsters, new variants and Grimrock 1 monsters (watch your resistances!)
-Loot drop of nearly all creatures improved, including rare drops such as crystals
-Shields and armor can be categorized in heavy, medium and light (respective prot/evasion values)
-Stat scaling on many items, including firearms
-New damage types granting bonus damage (e.g. hunt, thrust, divine)
-Custom special powers (e.g. impaling, focus, power hurl)
-New Firearms now have plenty of ammunition (plus new ammo type)
-Limited elemental missiles with different effects
-Reusable venom and sleep darts
-Fist weapons
-Boss fights - what else?!


-New craftable potions (e.g. evasion potion, potion of knowledge, illumination elixir, etc)
-Herbs are usable items and have specific purposes
-New herbs added, required for new hazards (e.g fevers, acid) [do not multiply via Alchemist trait!]
-Wound system has been altered and requires bandages or herbs
-Regenerating abilities depending on race
-Food may have healing abilities
-Mushrooms scattered around the world may have beneficial effects upon consumption
-Rare flowers with a tiny chance of "enlightenment"

Magic/Charges System

-Values have been altered
-New spells have been added (e.g. fire field, windfist, cure, bark skin)
-Spell requirements and dependencies changed to improve magic school combinations
-Most magic items have more charges and recharging crystals not too rare
-Certain weapons have magic requirements (see dark wizard class)
-Light spell now works locally, not like an everburning torch
-Offensive dark magic more effective (e.g. long blinding effect)
-Powerful magic wands with uses beyond combat (e.g. healing, light, energy absorption)
-3 new crystal types added, healing crystals do not cure fevers