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Grimrock Unlimited takes the Grimrock experience and randomizes it. Every single playthrough will have an entirely new dungeon, with different enemy encounters and different items.

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Grimrock Unlimited takes the Grimrock experience and randomizes it. Every single playthrough will have an entirely new dungeon, with different enemy encounters and different items. 

Currently a work in progress, though it can be played through from beginning to end.

Requires Legend of Grimrock 2 version 2.1.18

- Adapt to survive. Not finding any bullets but found a good bow and lots of arrows? Maybe your firearms guy should invest in some missile skill. 
- Food is a finite resource. Excessive sleeping or backtracking can leave your whole party starving, there are no endlessly spawning sea turtles here! 
- Use your consumables. A clutch bear form potion or crystal shard of healing can save a doomed party. 
- Iron keys open locked chests. 


Version 0.5.9
- Fixed crash when saving.

Version 0.5.8
- Added new room type: Challenge Room (it's a sort of risk/reward type room)
- Added new room type: Library
- Added new boss fight: Twisted Treeroot
- Added Arquebus to item spawn list.
- Improved lighting from ceiling lamps.
- Fixed bug which would sometimes cause boss room not to spawn.
- Increased ammunition spawn rate.

Version 0.5.7
- Fixed alcove puzzle sometimes not recognizing correct solution.

Version 0.5.6
- Actually fixed floating skull lock.

Version 0.5.5
- Added 2 puzzle types.
- Added min and max floor number for bosses to appear, means there can be early or late game bosses. At the moment will only effect Sun Worshipper fight, which won't appear before floor 4.
- Fixed skull lock sometimes floating in mid air.
- Fixed keyholes/signs sometimes being concealed by chains/ivy/torches.
- Reduced spawn rate of acolytes.

Version 0.5.3
- Further improved performance on Skeleton Commander and Undead Scourge fights.
- Added sacks and crates. Sacks will generally carry herbs and consumables, crates will generally carry weapons and armour.
- Added spell scrolls and alchemy scrolls.
- Added a couple more room layouts, tweaked existing layouts.

Version 0.5.2
- Lowered health of early bosses.

Version 0.5.1
- Added a bunch of new room layouts.
- Added proper support for pillars and doors.
- Ogres are now super rare.
- Optimized Skeleton Commander and Dead Woods boss fights, they should look pretty much the same, but run better.
- Rebalanced Solar Priest fight, is easier at earlier levels, and harder at later levels.
- Fixed up out of date wall text info in intro and ending areas.

Version 0.5
- Added Bossfights
- Tweaked floor status effects

Version 0.4.7
- Added 2 floor status effects, you will be notified by some text on the HUD when entering a floor if one is active.
- Tweaked lighting further, torches are rarer and candles have been added.
- Added critters!

Version 0.4.6
- Item system overhaul. Most obvious change is a huge increase of the type of items that can spawn, before it was around 100, now it's pretty much every item from the main game which is around 250.
The item spawn lists have a variable probability distribution that changes floor by floor. What this means is that lesser items are more likely to spawn on earlier floors and more powerful items are more likely to spawn on later floors. This will keep items more relevant to where you are in the dungeon.
Unfortunately item balance will likely take a bit of a negative hit in the short term, but this new system will make it much easier to balance item spawns in the future.
- Changed "up stairs" to "down stairs", you now descend deeper and deeper into the unknown!
- Dungeon gets more unkempt the more floors you travel down, damaged walls and vines become more common.
- Each floor is a bit smaller than before.
- Fixed issue with areas of the dungeon sometimes being innaccessible.
- Rejigged lighting and fixed up barrel spawns a bit.

Version 0.4.5
- Fixed in game map not working on some floors.

Version 0.4.3
- Long and marathon modes have a healing crystal on every floor now.
- Added ceiling decorations.
- Added barrels and crates.
- Starting sack now contains a key.
- Tweaked some monster spawns. Before there was more chance of an ogre spawning on floor 6 than on any other floor, fixed that.
- Upped the spawn rate of bloodrop caps.

Version 0.4.2
- In game map now works properly on higher floors.
- Items will no longer spawn on same square as healing crystal.

Version 0.4.1
- Reduced xp earned from killing monsters.

Version 0.4 - 19th of November, 2014
- Adding SETTINGS room to introduction area. Go to the right to access it, and at the moment has settings to customise the length of the dungeon.
- Overhauled monster spawn system.
Old system: Each floor had a set table from which to grab monsters.
New system: All monsters are divided into 6 tiers, at the base level each tier corresponds to a floor, but monsters of different tiers can spawn on different floors at an alterred rate.
For example: On floor 2 a room now has a high chance to spawn a moderate number (most likely) of tier 2 monsters; a low chance to spawn a high number (most likely) of tier 1 monsters; and a low chance to spawn a low number (most likely) of tier 3 monsters. In general, this means monster encounters will be more unpredictable and interesting.
- When spawning monsters, sub-species are now taken into account. For example, if a room is determines to have ratlings spawn, it can now spawn all the different types of ratlings.
- Added skulls.
- Added a few new room layouts.

Version 0.3
- Replaced "lock pick" with "iron key". Iron key can still open chests, this change is just to have a single key type for the whole dungeon.
- Lots of item spawn tweaks. Ressurection potions can now spawn on the ground, additional armour added to spawn list.
- New room type: ITEM ROOM
Costs 1 key to enter.
- Can no longer backtrack to eariler floors. A few reasons for this: Removes temptation to open doors and chests from already cleared floors to keep general pace up; removes the ability to cheese enemies near stairs; removes tackling earlier floor (and thus easier) challenge rooms will late floor gear (challenge rooms not implemented yet).
- Added a handful of room layout variations.
- Fixed issue of chests sometimes spawning facing against a wall.

Version 0.2.2
- Added healing crystals to beginning and ending of dungeon. These are more to facilitate character importing and exporting more than anything else.
- Entrance Hall sack is no longer dynamic. It now contains the lowest tier of each weapon type, should allow you to defend yourself even if the RNG gods are particularly cruel.
- Fixed issue of ground items sometimes spawning in inaccessable locations.
- Increased spawn rate of arrows, quarrels, and lockpicks.