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Adds new models and textures for HK-47, HK-50, and HK-51 to make them closer in appearance to the one used in the Old Republic MMO. Two different model options for both HK-47 and the HK-50s.

Permissions and credits
This mod replaces the models for HK-47, HK-50, and HK-51 so that they more closely resemble HK-51 from the Star Wars: The Old Republic (SWTOR) MMO.

N.B. These are new models created by me. Only the hand/finger meshes from the Bioware/Obsidian K1/TSL HK-47 remain untouched from the original, although they were re-uvmapped. The classic-style head mesh was derived from the original, but was heavily reworked to add polys and improve topology, as well as being re-uvmapped. The remainder of the two different body types, and the HK-51 head, were modelled by me from scratch. Textures are all new from scratch. This mod contains no actual content from SWTOR. For an overview of the mod's original genesis and development, refer to this thread -


Installation on CD/GOG Version:

To install, simply extract the archive, then run the EXE inside the folder. It will prompt you for the location of the game directory (containing swkotor2.exe). This mod is compatible with TSLRCM and M4-78, but you must install both of those FIRST before any other mods. TSLRCM is required to make the HK Factory quest available and meet HK-51, although the mod will still change the appearances of HK-47 and the HK-50s in vanilla TSL. This mod is not compatible with any other mod that alters the appearance.2da entries for HK-47/50/51.

Default installation options:
  • HK-47 uses the "classic style", vanilla head and torso, with SWTOR legs, heavily weathered texture
  • HK-50 units use the "hybrid style", vanilla head, with SWTOR torso and legs, vanilla-style durasteel texture
  • HK-51 units use the "SWTOR style", full body SWTOR appearance, SWTOR-style texture

Two alternative options are available in the OPTIONAL folder:
  • HK-47 uses the "hybrid style", vanilla head, with SWTOR torso and legs, less weathered texture
  • HK-50 units use the "SWTOR style", full body SWTOR appearance, vanilla-style durasteel texture

If you would prefer either of those, after the installer has finished, simply copy the contents of the appropriate folder into your Override folder, choosing YES when prompted to overwrite.

Installation on Steam Version with Workshop:

If you are using the Steam version, I strongly recommend that the only mod you install via the Workshop is TSLRCM. The Workshop does not have provision to properly integrate mods sharing assets, so installing multiple mods from the Workshop will almost certainly break your game. After installing TSLRCM from the Workshop, all other mods should be installed manually as per the original version of the game, including M4-78 if you want to use that.

However, an important difference is when choosing the game directory for an installer, such as this mod, use:

<Steam dir>\steamapps\workshop\content\208580\485537937\

and for any Override mods, such as this mod's optional extras, use:

<Steam dir>\steamapps\workshop\content\208580\485537937\override\

208580 is TSL's Steam AppID and 485537937 is TSLRCM's Workshop item ID. If using the Workshop, do not install mods to the game's base folder in \steamapps\common\ always use TSLRCM's Workshop item folder.

If you would prefer not to use the Workshop at all, install all mods normally to the game folder in \steamapps\common\ just like you would with the CD/GOG version.

Installation on Linux and Mac:

If you are using the Linux/Mac version, you will require some additional software to run the TSLPatcher installer this mod uses, which is a Windows executable and won't run natively on Linux/Mac. I don't use a Mac, nor Linux outside of server implementations, so I can't provide much in the way of specific instructions, but you'll need something like WINE or one of its derivatives. Mac users may wish to investigate Wineskin.

Additional Notes/Known Issues:

The pre-rendered movies that play during the Telos questline retain the vanilla HK-50 appearance. It would be far too much effort to try and make replacement videos. (But if someone else wants to do it, knock yourself out).

The eyes are self-illuminated, and flash in accordance with dialogue, as per the vanilla version. Eye flashing in the HK Factory has now been addressed by TSLRCM v1.8.4, released July 22 2015, so do a clean install/update if you are still having issues there.

There are a couple of static models of broken HK units at the end of the HK Factory level that are not changed by this mod. They are part of the level itself, so are not replaceable without replacing the entire level, which I have no plans to do.

The loading screens for the two levels of the HK Factory are currently unchanged. I may make replacements for them at some point in the future.

Due to how the Odyssey Engine works, using environment/cube maps to fake specular and reflections, there are limitations regarding making certain areas of the models "shiny". I may make some custom cube maps in the future to help address this. I will possibly update the textures to improve their alpha channel maps (a mask which controls the degree of env map blending), as they are a bit rough presently, resulting in inappropriate levels of shininess in some areas (particularly for HK-51).

The textures are 2048x2048 and are provided in Bioware's custom Aurora version of DDS rather than TGA for compression reasons. These are not editable. I have provided some uncompressed versions, along with static meshes and UV map templates, as separate modder's resources for those wishing to undertake reskins. These are not required by regular users.

A version for K1 is now available here -