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A mod that allows you to set Revan's love interest(s).

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IMPORTANT: There is a bug in this mod that I have unfortunately not had the time or energy to fix yet. After installing, please delete 904kreia.dlg from your override folder.

This mod will allow you to set Revan's love interest(s) in the initial conversation with Atton, and all the dialogue in the game will reflect it. No longer will Carth automatically be a female Revan's love interest, nor will Bastila automatically be a male Revan's love interest.

Scripting and help given by forgetcanon on Deadly Stream.

Audio is now included in version 2.0.

This file was adapted based off the TSLRCM, and should not be used without it. It will also replace certain dialogue files in the Override.

If you load a save past the initial conversation with Atton and still want your romance to be reflected in game, you can change it using the KSE. At the bottom of the list of global booleans, there should be two new options, fc_revrom_bast and fc_revrom_carth. Switch whichever romance(s) you want to be active to on, and confirm changes.

If you have any comments or suggestions, please contact me at my tumblr, visasmar.