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About this mod

The main focus of this mod is the 36 New lightsaber hilt models which have been integrated into TSL via random loot, mini-quests, training and NPC distinct variants.

Permissions and credits
First and foremost, this mod is NOT compatible with TSLRCM. Repeat NOT compatible.

If you are using, or interested in using TSLRCM (which I HIGHLY suggest).. this mod is not for you. Trust me, it will cause much headache and heartache if you try running both mods ;)

//Ultimate Lightsaber Mod(USM)
//        for TSL
//Created By: ChAiNz.2da, Darth333, Seprithro, svösh, and T7nowhere.
//Released June, 12/ 2005
//Contact information:
//All this mods team members can be reached through Private Message
This readme is best viewed with Word wrap off.

This mod is in no way shape or form endorsed by LucasArts OR Obsidian Entertainment.
Use entirely at your own risk.

This mod may only be hosted at the following websites: and Lucasfiles unless permission is given by the USM team to host on
other sites.

About USM
Positive side effect:
Section I: Installation Instructions
Section II: UnInstallation Instructions
Section III: Possible Mod conflicts
Section IV: Credits
Section V: Special thanks
Section VI: About the USM_loot script- read RandomLoot_readme.txt
Section VII: Terms of use

About USM: The main focus of this mod is the 36 New lightsaber hilt models, which have been
integrated into TSL. The majority of the lightsaber models also come in 5 color variants. Due
to the number of New unique lightsaber models we could not make them be useable in all the
colors that the normal game sabers have, but the base colors are available and several of the
lightsabers have new unique colors.

It should be noted this mod is not intended to give you the player a lightsaber from the
start of the game, but instead to enhance what is already there. The player will have the
choice of building one of the several new hilts as part of the Lightsaber quest, this is
of course on the condition that you have one of the new Color crystals already in your
inventory. Don't worry they will be available by the time you have all the lightsaber parts
to build your first saber. The lightsaber crystals are integrated into the random loot generation.
You will also be able to find fully built Lightsabers at certain areas of the game. Additionally
after the LS quest is complete Bao-Dur will be able to build the New USM lightsabers provided you
have 1 usm crystal, 1 default game hilt and 900 credits for parts.

The NPC's that are trainable as Jedi will also build their own lightsabers after the initial
training. Additionally Kreia will join your part with her own custom lightsaber and Visas will
Build a new one after you destroy hers.

All of the important Jedi and Sith NPC's In the game will also be sporting there new Lightsaber
hilts. Among those are: Master Kavar, Master Vash, Master Vrook, Master Zez-Kai Ell, Atris,
Darth Sion, and Darth Nihilus. Additional: Darth Nihilus has also been Pumped Up and he now has
a few new tricks up his sleeves.

There are also a few new nice surprises to be found ;)

Due to the way lightsabers work in TSL you will not be able to use the USM crystals in  the same manner
that you could with the normal Color crystals. So you will not be able to use Double bladed lightsaber crystal
in a normal single or short sabers. Think of them like a key to unlocking the new hilt models. If you do
place a USM crystal in the wrong Lightsaber type it will turn into what looks like a grenade, So simply hit
the cancel button and not the assemble button to return your lightsaber to normal.  

Positive side effect: As a side effect of making this mod a few game bugs were discovered and
have been fixed. Most of them are minor.

-Entering the Hidden Jedi enclave on Telos: When entering Handmaiden will tell you to
"Lay down your weapons and you shall not be harmed." If you choose the LS reply option
"All right - we mean no harm." then it would end the dialog and the story would be dead.
You can now choose this reply and the story will proceed to the next plot point in the game.

-Bao-Durs Bad dream about Malachor V, One reply option would end the dialog prematurely.
The Reply is now linked to the proper entry.

-Disciples intro Dialog that happens in the enclaves sub level. If Disciple doesn't join you he
says he will leave and meet you at Khoonda, But at the end of the dialog he just stands there
like a moron so I added a script to the dialog that makes him run out of Khoonda.

-Another that is related to the one above is when you arrive back at khoonda If the global is not
set to make carth be the Republic admiral then Disciple will talk to a wall( this really annoyed me
as I didn't know what the hell was going on in that scene the First time I played TSL).
Now he will be talking to the alternate Admiral that you see if Carth is not the Admiral.

-Fixed Visas marrs Bugged Forcesight dialog, it turns out if you don't
ask her "How do you see through the Force?" as soon as you see the option Then you can't ever ask
it again because that reply is attached to a string that would be cut off from the main dialog
string. So I linked it to her main dialog node. so now you can ask her even if you didn't right away.
-The Dialog with the 3 Jedi Master near the end of the game. One of Kavar's sentences was spoken by
Zez, a reply was broken and near the end of the scene Vrooks Lightsaber would not ignite when it
should have been.
Section I: Installation Instructions

FIRST THING, BACK UP YOUR OVERRIDE! ;) USM has a total is 1405 files and requires 78MB of
free space  so if your main override is full of mods then you may want to pay close
attention when you’re installing the files. Personally I need to keep things organized and
OE has made that possible since we can have mods in a subfolders within override, but
you can't have mods in subfolders within subfolders. The game won't dig that deep.

1)Override folder: Copy the files in the Override directory to your games Override
directory. Default is C:\Program Files\LucasArts\SWKotOR2\Override . IF you do not
have an override Directory then you should update your game to the TSL 1.0b patch
Which you can download from Or create a
new folder in your games main directory called "Override" without the quotes.

2)StreamVoice: Copy this folder directly into your main SWKotOR2 Directory and allow it
to Overwrite. Don't worry None of the games sounds will be overwritten.

That’s it. :)
Section II: UnInstallation Instructions

1) Delete all the files that belong to USM from the Override directory. If you have all
your installed mods in the main override directory then the easiest way to find all of
this mods files is to Copy them from the extracted archive and and paste them in
override and overwrite all files, this will select all of the files used by USM and allow
you to right click one of the highlighted files and choose delete.

2)StreamVoice: Delete the following files

from: \StreamVoice\GBL\BAODUR:

From: \StreamVoice\GBL\mira

Section III: Possible Mod conflicts

This mod is quite large and utilizes many of the games original Files to make the mod
function properly. As a result the files this mod uses may also be used by other mods,
so when you copy the files into override while you have other mods installed you
should be aware of the files that you’re asked to overwrite.
1) 2da's: The most common File conflict will be with 2da files This mod uses:


baseitems.2da: The rows used directly by USM are 105, 106 If you need to combine your
baseitem.2da with USM's then you should use USM's baseitems.2da as a base, due to the
fact that those rows are used by many of our .uti files.

globalcat.2da: The rows used by USM Are  999-1010. If you have another mod that uses
this 2da you can simply copy rows 999-1010 tot he end of your globalcat.2da the row
order does not matter.

upcrystals.2da: We have made this file with as many other Lightsaber mods as possible.
We can not guarantee that the other Lightsaber mods will work only that the entries for
them have been combined with the upcrystals.2da used by USM.

The following mods 2da files are compatible with USM:

- Darkkender's Guardian Saber

- RedHawke & Maverick187's Prestiege Class

- RedHawke's Exile Item Pack

- Xcom's SH Crystal Pack

- Shadow's Saber Pack

- Shadow's Odyssey Saber

- Jetstorm's & Darkkender's Lightsaber Crystal Expansion

- Maverick187's Megido & Avenger Sabers

- Maverick187's Jedi W.M. Mav Model

- Darkkender's Segan Wyndh v2 mod

- Darkkender's Painted Droids mod

- Drakonnen's Jedi v Sith Armor Pack

- ChAiNz.2da's Darksword

- The Ossus Keeper's Black Beam Sabers

- Prydeless' Pink Lightsaber

2)Possible Conflicting Dialog files:

Party NPC dialogs:

Misc game dialog files:


The only 2 that I know might conflict are handmaiden.dlg, and visasmarr.dlg.
These 2 files were used in bug fixes made by the TSLRP team. The same bug fixes have
also been made to the Dialogs used for USM.
Section IV: Credits

Artists: ChAiNz.2da, Seprithro, svösh, and T7nowhere.

Xia Terashai's Short Saber
Disciple's "Agenda" Lightsaber
Segan Wyndh Long Saber
Zez-Kai Ell's Double Saber
BA-122 Prototype Double Saber
Darth Nihilus' Lightsaber                            
Master Vrook's Lightsaber                            
Darth Sion's Lightsaber                                
Type-S Short Lightsaber                                
Type-G Short Lightsaber                                
Type-J Lightsaber                                
Type-E Lightsaber                                 
Alora-sor-Dana's Lightsaber
Brianna’s Balance                                
Type A Lightsaber [aka ani’s ep2]                         
Type B Lightsaber [aka Yoda’s ep2]                        
Type C Lightsaber [aka Dooku’s ep2]                        
Darth Bandon's saber                                
Kreia's walking stick                                
Master Vash's Harmony                                
Atris' Master Prism                                
Master Kavar’s Shield                                
Master kavar’s Prize                                
Visas’ Hope Of Katarr
Death Mask
Blood of Malevolence                                        
Darth Malak's Lightsaber
Stylized Exar Kun Lightsaber    
Rocarian Double-Bladed Lightsaber[aka Darth Mauls Lightsaber Ep1.]                            
Padawan Lightsaber[aka. Lukes Skywalkers Lightsaber ANH]                                                        
Jedi Master's Lightsaber[aka. Mace Windu's Lightsaber AotC]            
Jedi Knight's Lightsaber[ aka. Obi-Wan Kenobi's Lightsaber ANH]    
Traditional Jedi Knights Lightsaber[aka. Qui-gon Jin's Lightsaber Ep.1]        
Atton's Lightsaber
Bao-Dur's Lightsaber                                 
Mira's Lightsaber

Scripting, 2da editing and Item placement: ChAiNz.2da, Darth333 and T7nowhere.

ChAiNz.2da: BA-122 Prototype Double Saber Mini quest. Edited and combined  Upcrystals.2da and
baseitems.2da to be compatible with as many other mods as possible.

Darth333: Random loot script that is intergrated into the games normal
Random loot ,generation and debugging.

T7nowhere: Gameplay intergration: Script writing, Sith and Jedi master Lightsaber
replacement, Dialog editing, debugging.

Play testing: Colma Adawin(Formally known as MattColejk), maverick187, Mono_Giganto, RedHawke,
Seprithro ChAiNz.2da, Darth333, svösh, tk102.

Special Gratitude goes out to our play testers Colma Adawin(Formally known as MattColejk), maverick187,
Mono_Giganto, RedHawke tk102 for their helpful feedback and bug finding.

A very Special Thanks goes out to cchargin who made it Possible for us to make
new lightsaber hilts for use in TSL, tk102 for His assistance in debugging, and for all his
very useful utilities for which we all could not mod KotOR and TSL with out, Fred Tetra for
his continued support of KotoR tool(aka. KT) another tool us modders could not live without, Xcom, Envida, and Of course stoffe -mkb- for their excellent Scripting knowledge, scripts and assistance.   

Section VI: About the USM_loot script- read RandomLoot_readme.txt

Section VII: Terms of use

This mod may not be re-upload to any other website besides and Unless
permission to do so is given by the USM mod Team. This means you guys at Kotorfiles :p

You may alter the contents of this mod in anyway you see fit for your personal use only.

You are not allowed to use any of this mods resources in other released mods without express written consent
of the USM modding team.

The source scripts are there for modders and can be used freely.


Finally thanks to all those people that supported us and have been eagerly awaiting this mods release