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A fully-compatible, curated, and modular collection of mods which strive to create a "vanilla-plus" experience. Compatible with the mobile port and non-English game versions; spoiler-free versions of the guide are also available for new players!

Permissions and credits
If you do nothing else, PLEASE read the "Instructions" section below! Failure to do so may cause you to install this content in ways that can cause fatal errors in your game.

Premise & Objectives
Welcome to the KOTOR mod builds! For over a decade I've worked with modders, first for reddit and now standalone in collaboration with the Deadlystream mod community, collating and managing modular packages of compatible mods which I refer to as "mod builds."

My objective with the mod builds is to find the best KOTOR mods and present them as a fully-compatible & modular archive, allowing users to pick-and-choose the mods they want from a large, vanilla-friendly selection with minimum hassle and no fears of incompatibility. That said, I have never skimped on quality in return for quantity; all mods listed here are lore-friendly, and no mod which significantly alters or interrupts the vanilla experience has been considered for inclusion. The goal for these mod builds is an improvement of the vanilla experience rather than the creation of a new experience.

The builds are divided into Full builds and Spoiler-Free builds. These spoiler-free builds contain mods with censored readmes, to prevent the player from accidentally being spoiled, so even if you are a brand-new player you can still enjoy bugfixes, updated graphics, and most of the full build's added content free of any risk. Most, because the spoiler-free builds also lack mods which have the potential to alter the game's balance from what Obsidian intended, to ensure that your first playthrough is the most pure vanilla-plus experience possible.

There are also builds linked below which are designed to work on mobile devices, containing all the content of their Full or Spoiler-Free counterparts, but without any extremely large or graphically intensive content which could cause issues while running on mobile. This allows users to experience bugfixes, mechanics improvements, added content and some small-scale graphical improvements without risk of your device catching fire.

Each build is modular in nature, meaning that most mods aren't reliant upon one another to function. Because of this, you can choose to either use everything I list, or to pick and choose what you prefer for a personalized experience. You are also, of course, welcome to add additional mods on top of these builds, and although I cannot guarantee their compatibility I would be happy to work with any user to maximize their chances of creating a compatible build.

Why This Guide?
There are a few mod guides out there, and it's entirely reasonable to ask: well, why use this one? If you're already sold, by all means proceed to the next section--but if you'd like a sales pitch of sorts, I'll lay out the benefits as straight as I can for you.

  • Modders. The main benefit of these builds is my active collaboration with modders. If you have an adversarial relationship with modders--or, honestly, even if they just don't know who you are--it's so indescribably difficult to maintain a guide of this size and complexity and keep it fully compatible & bug-free as the mod builds are. Unless you can build every single patch you need from scratch, it helps to cooperate closely with them, and I'm lucky enough to do so. Several of the compatibility patches I use, and even a few mods themselves, were created specifically for the mod builds, and every mod I host has been uploaded with the explicit permission of their author(s). From a purely mercenary standpoint this means three things: the mod builds have impeccable and intentionally-designed compatibility between all of their components; mod drama isn't going to get content taken down from this list; and, when there is any need for a specific mod or compatch, it can be put together quickly through our collaboration.
  • Modularity. Although all mod guides have some level of modularity, the mod builds focus heavily on it, so you can build a list as customized for what you want as possible. For each mod included the builds specifically explain what type of mod they are, what they modify, and how important I believe it is to the experience, to facilitate you as the end-user picking only the kinds of content you want. The builds also identify what mods you can remove if you don't want them, and which are required for certain later mods to function. This means that you can very easily pull out what content you don't want to use without any guesswork required. I will also always do my best to support users who want to add content to the builds which isn't present in my recommendations, including identifying any incompatible content you may be looking at & helping to construct an install order for you which will not lead to errors. While the mod builds themselves are a vanilla-plus list, it is entirely possible to use the install order I provide as a fully-compatible 'skeleton' to help guide you in where to add mods which you prefer.
  • Bloat-Free. This is subjective, but I have never liked mod packs which add content for the sake of adding content. If I enjoy the base game, why would I want to make it unrecognizable? The mod builds take the vanilla-plus stance seriously, with a heavy emphasis on straight improvements of vanilla content--mods as minor as appearance changes for characters are included instead of simpler graphical upscales only if I consider the changes made to be logical and superior to the vanilla standard, and while I do include some fanmade content, it is clearly marked as such and must meet an incredibly high standard of quality and lore consistency in order to warrant inclusion.Some changes TSLRCM makes which are less sensible than their vanilla counterparts are even reverted for the sake of maximum consistency & immersion!
  • Constant Iteration. The mod builds are a 'living' list, regularly updated as new mods and mod updates are released. While I curate these iterations, the changes aren't just based on my whims; they're arrived at through conversation not just with modders but also recommendations and feedback from users. I won't lie to you, at the end of the day these builds are the package of mods that I want to play, but I also own that I am one person and I can have oversights, miss including good mods, or just plain get something wrong. User feedback helps me to create constantly-improving lists, and I welcome that feedback openly.
  • Regular Support. If something went wrong with your install, I won't leave you hanging. Get in touch with me; the fastest way is by posting in the official KOTOR Discord's #tech_support channel, but I will also do my best to check this guide regularly. If something went wrong, I'll help you find out what it is and get it fixed.
  • Advanced Widescreen Support. Widescreen is once again something that most guides feature, and which KOTOR 2 has by default both on Steam and on the GoG release, but the mod builds endeavor to take it a step further and include several optional mods to further enhance playing in widescreen, including mods which uncap KOTOR's native 800x600 limit on menu resolution, which applying widescreen alone does not change.
  • Non-English Compatibility. Sometimes, including mods intended for English game versions in your setup, if you're not playing in English, would just mean a few lines of text in English; sometimes, it means you get permanently stuck and can't proceed. New in the most recent release of the mod builds, mods which are safe to use on non-English game versions are now explicitly identified, so those playing with other languages can still use most of the builds' content.
  • Spoiler-Free Options. Although this only applies to new players and returning folks who have been away for so long they've forgotten most of the plot, the spoiler-free builds do allow even brand-new players to still use mods without risk.
  • Mobile Compatibility. The mobile ports aren't an exact 1:1 with the PC versions, and have some particularities. The mod builds feature mobile-compatible versions of the listed builds which are fully tested on mobile, not just guessed at; we know the content listed therein works, and it means you can play KOTOR with all the trimmings (except the graphics mods that would catch your phone on fire) whenever you'd like.

In the section below are four links. Simply choose the content package and platform you'd like and you're set! Alternatively, you can download a .pdf file of the instructions in the Downloads section here, if you would prefer to work from a PDF and not a webpage.

As for actually installing these mods, there are a few simple rules to follow:
  • Create a deadlystream and nexusmods accountDeadlystream--our main host for KOTOR mods--has a download speed limit for users without an account (which is free). The Nexus here has an actual file size limit without an account, so you'll also need an account here to download some files.
  • Install the mods in the order you are presented with them. If you fail to do this, you risk running into bugs, many quite significant. Note that you'll still encounter some warnings on installer mods even when doing this, but those warnings are normal (errors, however, are not). If you want to add new mods which aren't included in these lists to a build, you should reach out to me so we can work together to create an installation order which is stable for you.
  • Don't attempt to continue an old save after installing these mods. Unless they're just texture files which do not contain files of the .2da filetype, once your game is modded any previous saves you have should be treated as incompatible.
  • If you are intending to use any content not included in the mod builds, search for and identify that content BEFORE installing the builds! Certain mods have install steps or overwrite requirements that will necessitate you installing them midway through the mod build install, so if you want to use content outside the builds, you should identify that content before you start your install.
  • Do not use the Nexus's Vortex Mod Manager with either build, or the Steam Workshop alongside the KOTOR 2 mod build! Don't even use a Workshop version of one of the mods present in the KOTOR 2 builds! Both systems have trouble properly functioning with KOTOR mods; you can read more about why this is for the Workshop here.
  • Be mindful of what mods work with non-English versions of the game. If you are not playing in English, only some mods will be compatible with your game version. Each mod lists whether it is compatible with non-English versions or not, and you will need to either play in English or skip several mods. There's nothing that we can do about this; most mods which modify dialogue only support English. Please also bear in mind that you need to select the language you intend to play in before installing these mods, and CANNOT change your chosen language after you have completed your install (doing so will overwrite many of the mod files downloaded here).
  • Keep an eye on mod categories and tiers to get an idea of what a mod does and how important I believe it is to use that mod. This is especially important for users of the Spoiler-Free builds, where information will sometimes necessarily be very vague, but it's also helpful for users who don't intend to use the entirety of one of the Full builds. Each mod has a category and a tier, the former of which clarifies the types of changes the mod makes, and the latter of which, on a scale of 1-4, clarifies how important I believe the mod is for getting the best possible experience out of the game. Using this information, you can better judge what mods you would like to use and what you can safely ignore in the course of your build installation.
  • If you are not installing on a Windows OS, keep this card in mind, as it goes over the various install types present in the builds and will help you determine what mods will be easy to install on your OS, and which might need special support (for instance, using a wrapper to install .exe files on Mac OS).
  • Follow installation instructions, mine when I provide special instructions and the mod creator's when I have no word to put in. Most of these mods are extremely easy to install, but it's very important to make sure that none of the special install instructions are missed for the sake of mod compatibility.
  • Keep track of master mods. Some mods require other mods to function, and thus the "master" mod cannot be removed if you want that mod in your build. In the build posts I will list when a mod has a master.
  • Overwrite any files when prompted. Most of the mods in these builds are fully compatible, but some partially overwrites a part of another mod. These cases are where the install order matters; I have purposefully tailored the installation order so that mods that have compatibility issues are overwritten in the proper order for the game to function as intended, and for all of the changes we're making to be seamless.
  • New users: be careful with readme files and descriptions! Even for mods that I've censored, there might still be minor spoilers in the readme, and this goes doubly for mods that have included screenshots or file descriptions on their hosting site. When reading about a mod, it's always an excellent rule of thumb to only read so much of the description--and view as few of the screenshots--as are necessary to make sure you know whether you want to use it or not, then the installation instructions (and nothing else).




A Note on Version Numbers
Because I can see this causing confusion. You might see four different downloads listing four different version numbers--for instance, "Rev-10, Rev-10.01, Rev-10.1, Rev-10.11" and think that some builds are being updated further than their counterparts. This isn't the case; the difference in numeration, if any exists, is because some edits aren't made to certain builds. I might need to tweak wording or fix a link in a Spoiler-Free build while its Full counterpart doesn't need it, or add mods to the main builds that the mobile ports can't support. All listed versions of the builds will always be current for their intended package.

I don't want to make this list longer than it already is, so I have chosen to host a Frequently Asked Questions section elsewhere--please see here. If you've read all of the above and still have some lingering confusion, check here to see if it's been addressed--if not, shoot me a message and I will be happy to answer your questions.

NOTE: Generally, only Revision-level changes are reflected in changelogs. The builds undergo constant iterating and compatibility work, but large batches of mods are only added during Revision-level updates. This is because I mandate that I test all content I include personally.

  • Sunsetting of Reddit support for the mod builds. The mod builds are now principally hosted offsite on, with satellite hosting continuing as Steam guides and Nexus downloads; the builds themselves, as well as support for them, will no longer be hosted on reddit. Primary support migrated to the Discord at

  • Several dozen new mods across both games.
  • Several mods for KOTOR which also work for KOTOR 2 have now been integrated into the KOTOR 2 build list, to make the games more visually consistent across builds and improve overall graphical fidelity.
  • Added information on all mods indicating how they are installed (loose-file, TSLPatcher, etc.) and whether or not they are compatible with non-English game versions. De facto, this now makes the builds compatible with non-English game versions, although for the moment, out of necessity, several mods must be skipped when not playing in English.
  • Conversion of all .tga-based upscale mods to .tpc, saving several GBs of download size and space on disk.
  • Thanks to further collaboration with ShiningRed, tightened up the AI upscale mods to remove the last problem textures, and integrated most of the Nar Shaddaa upscale, which was previously excluded.

After the most implausible series of delays and problems I've ever encountered, finally, the new build release is out! Highlights follow:

  • Fully supported mobile builds!
  • Complete and fully-tested AI upscales of almost all areas and characters for both games!
  • Dynamic lightsaber lighting & reflections for both games in all game areas.
  • The inclusion of LDR's amazing A Crashed Ship on an Unknown World mod for KOTOR, in my opinion the best piece of added content ever made for these games, hands-down.

Changelogs older than 4/13/2022 can be found here!

Special Thanks
Principle thanks to Jcarter426, longtime collaborator and co-author of the mod builds. Without his assistance maintaining and improving guides of this size would not be possible, and a massive debt is owed to him both by myself and the community more broadly.

A very special thanks to my testers! Although I do all the playthrough testing myself these days, the testers of the old builds helped us get to the point we've arrived at today, and as I don't own the games on mobile my mobile testers are critical to every future mobile release!

Special thanks also to all of the modders whose work I've been using over the years, and an especial thanks to DarthParametric, Fair Strides, Deltm, A Future Pilot, and Nomuit, who have at various times all been indispensable helping me with testing, bugfixing, and rebuilding mods to support build compatibility!

Thanks to mattekillert for mocking up the original category and tier images for me, Amanda from the Discord for updating them for me, and Ceane for providing the new mod build header image.