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A complete soundtrack overhaul for KOTOR II.

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A complete soundtrack overhaul for KOTOR II that adds a dynamic edit of the Original Trilogy score by John Williams, replacing all tracks, from exploration, to combat, delivering a more authentic Star Wars experience to the game.

Known Bugs:

- The dark side points gained track does not cue as it should (tested via STEAM version of KOTOR II), this is an issue with the game itself, and not the mod.


Go to your "Knights of the Old Republic II" game folder, then MAKE A BACKUP OF THE "StreamMusic" folder, either rename it to "StreamMusicOLD" or move it to another location (don't copy it, but cut it to another location). Once that is done copy over the "StreamMusic" folder from this mod to your  "Knights of the Old Republic II" game folder, run the game and you should be good to go.

*NOTE* "TSL Restored Content Mod": If you are using the STEAM workshop version of the restored content mod, go to the folder location "Steam\steamapps\workshop\content\208580\485537937\streammusic" and replace the tracks there with the two tracks found in this mod's "Restored Content Mod Steam Workshop Patch" folder. If you are using another version of the game, simply install the "TSL Restored Content Mod" first before this mod.