Knights of the Old Republic II

This article compiles a lot of frequently asked questions I have received for my same-gender romance mods for Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II (KotOR 2).

My same-gender romance mods for KotOR 2 include:



Q: I am having problems with this mod / I cannot get this mod to work / this mod does not work for me.

A: Please read the Read Me files of my mod and make sure you have followed ALL the instructions in my Read Me files before asking questions for technical support. When you are asking for technical support, please provide details for the issues you face. In particular, when and how did your problem start happening and what are the mods you have installed. When I ask you for more details, please answer my questions honestly, so I know how to solve your problems specifically. Telling me ALL the mods you use will help me greatly in figuring out if your issue was caused by mod conflict or not.

Q: When I installed your mod, I got the error message: "[ERROR] Unhandled exception: Access violation at address [a bunch of numbers]. Write of address [a bunch of numbers] (0)".

A: Try to right-click your KotOR 2 folder or subfolders, go to Properties and uncheck the "Read-only", then try to install my mod again to see if it works.

Q: I got "Destination file "Modules\003EBO.mod" does not exist at the specified location! Skipping section... [Error]" and many other similar errors when installing your mod, even though I had installed the installer (.exe) version of The Sith Lords Restored Content Mod.

A: First, go to the folder where your KotOR 2 game is installed, and go to the Modules folder, are these files in your Modules folder:
  • 003EBO.mod
  • 006EBO.mod
  • 262TEL.mod
  • 301NAR.mod
  • 303NAR.mod
  • 402DXN.mod
  • 610DAN.mod
  • 650DAN.mod
  • 907MAL.mod
  • 908MAL.mod
  • 909MAL.mod
  • 950COR.mod

If you cannot find these .mod files in your Modules folder, your issue might be caused by your computer registering two different installation locations for KotOR 2. I suggest you check out this guide on how to make sure your computer recognize the version of KotOR 2 game you want when you install KotOR 2 mods, or use other third-party tools for KotOR While the guide focuses on Steam version of KotOR 2, you could edit the registry to make your computer properly recognise the installation location of your KotOR 2 game.

Here are the default installation locations of KotOR 2 depending on the version:
  • Steam (32-bit Windows): C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\Knights of the Old Republic II
  • Steam (64-bit Windows): C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Knights of the Old Republic II
  • Retail CD (32-bit Windows): C:\Program Files\LucasArts\SWKotOR2\
  • Retail CD (64-bit Windows): C:\Program Files (x86)\LucasArts\SWKotOR2\
  • GOG: C:\GOG Games\Star Wars - KotOR2

Q: Will you upload your mods to Steam Workshop?

A: NO. I do not use nor support Steam Workshop, and I do not want any of my mods uploaded to Steam Workshop either. In fact, I dislike the Steam Workshop for how terrible it is for modding KotOR 2, and I suggest you read this post on why using Steam Workshop is NOT recommend for modding KotOR 2.

Q: I am having problems with your mod, and I am using the Steam Workshop. Can you help me?

A: See the previous question. I am not responsible for any bugs caused by you using any mods from the Steam Workshop. The only suggestion I will give you for compatibility issues between my mods and the Steam Workshop is to get rid of all your Steam Workshop mods entirely, and make sure there are no leftover Steam Workshop folders in your Steam directory. Go to the Steam Workshop folder in your Steam directory (/\Steam\SteamApps\Workshop\), and delete all the sub-folders in the Steam Workshop folder.

Q: Does this mod work with [insert a different mod here]?

A: Please read the “Mod Compatibility” section of the ReadMe files of my mods before asking. If there is a mod you want to use that was not mentioned in my ReadMe files, you can still ask me. Just make sure you tell me the actual name of the mod and ideally, provide a link to the mod you want to ask about, so I can check the mod out myself to confirm if it is compatible with my mod. Do not expect me to know the existence of every single KotOR 2 mod out there.

Q: Can I use your mods with non-English localizations of KOtOR 2 and The Sith Lords Restored Content Mod (TSLRCM)?

A: No. I play and mod KotOR 2 in English exclusively. Some of my mods in particular will cause your game to crash if you are playing a non-English localization of KotOR 2 and TSLRCM, because those mods add custom dialogues that do not exist in the vanilla game in order to prevent characters from referring to the player character by the wrong gender. The only solution to crashes caused by you playing on a non-English localization is to play both KotOR 2 and TSLRCM in English. I am not familiar with any of the non-English languages officially supported by KotOR 2, so support for non-English localizations with my mod is not going to happen.

Q: For your mods that require The Sith Lords Restored Content Mod to work, will you make an alternate version that does not require TSLRCM?

A: No, I will not make a no-TSLRCM version of my mods that require TSLRCM to function. TSLRCM is widely agreed, including KotOR modders, to be an essential mod for the best experience with KotOR 2. Making a non-TSLRCM version of content mod like this would require me to spend extra time to replay KotOR 2 without TSLRCM, and therefore subjecting myself to a lesser experience with the game, which I consider a massive waste of my time. In general, if you see any KotOR 2 mod that requires TSLRCM to work (not just my mods), do not expect to see a non-TSLRCM version.

If you are having issues with using TSLRCM, I suggest you report the bugs you encountered and ask for help for solving your issues on the TSLRCM forum on Deadly Stream.


Q: Will you add kissing scenes/sex scenes to your romance mods?

A: No. The purpose of my same-gender romance mods is not to add new content, but to allow players to experience the pre-existing romance content in KotOR 2 without the heterosexual gender restrictions. At most, I add custom dialogue and splice audio files so the player character will not be referred by the wrong gender. Adding completely new content such as kissing or sex scenes is beyond the scope of my mods, and I do not necessary have the skills required (such as modelling, animations, etc.) to create it either.

Will you make a romance mod for Bao-Dur/Mira/Canderous/any other character with no romance content in the vanilla game?

A: No. Due to the fact that these characters were never meant to be romance options for the player character, creating romance content for these characters require extra works and efforts, namely writing new dialogue, animating new scenes, and ideally finding voice actors for these new content, because some people (myself included) find it immersion-breaking that a party member suddenly becomes silent in certain lines even though they are voiced in other dialogue. This goes beyond the scope of my modding skills, and I do not have enough time and desire to put this large amount of work in video game mods for the foreseeable future.

Q: Why do you make everyone gay?

A: I am a lesbian who would like to see more representation of LGBTQ+ people in media, including Star Wars, and I am not the only one who feels this way. I made these same-gender romance mods for fellow LGBTQ+ players who want more gay content in KotOR as well. Since the first KotOR game has Juhani as a canon lesbian romance option, I find it disappointing that in KotOR 2, the romance content with party members and major NPCs are all heterosexual, so I made these mods to fill the void.

Cisgender and heterosexual people already get countless representations in media, including Star Wars. If the idea that everyone in your favorite piece of media could be gay makes you uncomfortable, perhaps you should examine why you feel that way. Keep in mind that many of us LGBTQ+ people already have to endure countless pieces of mainstream media filled with cisgender and heterosexual characters without a single LGBTQ+ character even existing.

Frankly, opposing the concept of same-gender romance mods for video games for any reason is homophobic. As a gay person, this is a stance I will make no compromise on. Any messages arguing with me otherwise will be deleted without response.

Q: Character X being gay does not fit his/her character.

A: That is just your opinion, and an opinion I will never agree with. Like it or not, there will always be someone who would like to see gay content for any of the characters affected by my same-gender romance mods.


Q: I am using your Handmaiden romance mod while playing as a female player character, but Handmaiden does not join my party after I leave the Telos Academy!

A: If Handmaiden does not join your female Exile's party when you are using my Handmaiden romance mod, the possible causes for this happening are:

  • You did not install my mod correctly: Either you get errors when installing the “Default Installation” option, or you did not install DarthTyren's PartySwap mod first before installing the “PartySwap Compatible” option of my mod.

  • You are using a mod that requires you to put a file named holorec.dlg in the Override folder. If there is a holorec.dlg in your Override folder, delete it.

  • You may have some leftover Steam Workshop folders in your Steam directory that overrides the portion where Handmaiden is supposed to join your party. To solve this, go to the Steam Workshop folder in your Steam directory (/\Steam\SteamApps\Workshop\), and delete all the sub-folders in the Steam Workshop folder.

Q: I am using PartySwap along with your same-gender romance mod for Handmaiden and Disciple. Disciple replaces Handmaiden in the party selection screen when he joins.

A: PartySwap's mod page already stated that the mod “adds a usable item (adrenal) that will allow you to replace any member of the current party with Handmaiden (wherever appropriate)”. When Disciple joins you, the game will show a notification informing you that you have received an item named PartySwap. That is what you need to use to add or remove Handmaiden in your party. Due to the game's limitations, it is impossible to add both Handmaiden and Disciple in the party selection screen without replacing one of the other party members. Handmaiden is still one of your party members, and you can still talk to her in your ship.

Q: I am using your Handmaiden romance mod, but I cannot spar with the Handmaiden when she joins my party!

A: This is not a problem with my mod. The FAQ of The Sith Lords Restored Content Mod (TSLRCM)'s mod page and Read Me file already addressed this:
“Due to a bug, sparring with Handmaiden while in outer space (directly after leaving the Telos Academy) made the fight unwinnable. So for TSLRCM you will have to travel to another planet, exit and re-enter for the option to appear, giving a glitch-free sparring. It's not gone, no worries!”

Q: Is Juhani a romance option for Revan in the Alternate Revan Romances mod?

A: Yes. During your conversation with Atton when you first met him, Juhani can be chosen as a romance option for Revan, but only if Revan is female AND light-sided. Do not expect any extra content for Juhani however (see the next question). I will not make Juhani a romance option for male Revan under any circumstances.

Q: Does the Alternate Revan Romances mod add new dialogue or scenes for Juhani?

A: Unfortunately, no. This is because there is literally no content for Juhani in the entire KotOR 2 game, not even in cut content. Therefore, do not expect Juhani will make any appearances even when using ARR. Similarly to my answer to the above question about making romance mods for any characters with no romance content in the vanilla game, creating new dialogue and scenes require extra works and efforts that go beyond the scope of my modding skills, and I do not have enough time and desire to put this large amount of work in video game mods for the foreseeable future.

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