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Fixes a plethora of common dialog and scripting related bugs. See long description for full list.

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This file fixes a plethora of common dialog and scripting related bugs.

I've been playing Kotor since when it first came out waaay back when, and  have even written an extensive walk-through for it. The bug-fixes I've made had been sitting on that website for a long time, but to increase exposure, I thought I'd share the bug fixes I've made here on the nexus.

To install simply extract all the files to your override directory.

For those that have problems with getting the game to run at all, this file will NOT help. However the following webpage may help with some of those issues:

List of Bugs and Issues fixed:

  • The XP reward that you get from delivering the box to Motta the Hutt is not correct. This fixes it so you get the reward if you deliver the box to him at all.

  • Tanis' dialogue on Tatooine is bugged for females only (which is so like him). In the hunting lodge one dialog option cuts off abruptly, and out on the dunes he never acknowledges your request, neither credits nor the option to stop hunting.

  • A bug in the hilt script on Kashyyyk prevents you from ever receiving Bacca's Blade Hilt. This in turn prevents you from ever getting Bacca's Ceremonial Blade the second best melee weapon in certain conditions. Namely if you kill Freyyyr and report to Chuundar without ever getting the blade, then kill the ritual beast without Zaalbar in your party you will be stuck with only the blade and no hilt in your inventory. You can still get the sword if you have Zaalbar with you at that time.
  • Also when Chuundar says he only has the hilt (if you killed Freyyr in the shadowlands) the dialog option "Well, that ends that..." calls the give hilt script even if you already had the blade, thus making it impossible to complete the sword. Even if you do add the hilt to your inventory, the script that "fixes" the blade never removes the hilt from your inventory. This fixes all Bacca's Blade related problems. This will only fix problems prior to getting the blade or hilt.

  • Elora will confess to Sunry's infidelity automatically if you have Jolee or Bastila in your party. However you won't get any credit for it. This fixes that problem.

  • A minor bug on Manaan in Ignus' Dialog prevents him from testifying on your behalf if you force persuade him. This fixes that dialog choice. If you have already force persuaded him, then this bugfix won't work on that game, in which case you will have to edit your save file and set MAN_IGNUSL_DONE = True.

  • A minor error in Iridorian's dialog stops you in the middle of the dialog choice where you ask for information in exchange for credits. To continue the dialog you have to press 1 or 2, just as if you were making a choice to persuade him, though the choices are not visible. The real intent was that the persuade check was supposed to happen in the background. Also another error means that in the rare case when you have Bastila in your party and have neither Affect Mind nor a high persuade skill causes her force persuasion dialog to kick you out of the conversation. This fixes both problems.

  • The Security Camera Dialog on Manaan is extremely annoying. I have fixed the dialog so that it is much easier to deal with.

  • A certain bug prevents Ziagrom from appearing, which in turn prevents Mika's ubershop from ever becoming available. The actual problem is Xor. Once you meet him you can never meet Ziagrom or any other messengers ever again. The easiest way to prevent this bug is to kill Juhani. If you want Juhani in your party, then just make sure you don't talk to her once she starts talking about her family, until after you meet Ziagrom. For those that have already killed Xor you need to edit your saved game and set K_XOR_AMBUSH = 3. This should allow Ziagrom to appear. This will fix all Xor and Ziagrom related problems. Do note that this will not help you if you have already killed Xor, and you will still have to edit your save.

  • When interrogating the prisoner in the Sith Academy, if you exit the conversation after drugging him a few times, and immediately afterwards try to use the console again, it is possible that you become unable to do any actions until the looping animation in the drugging script finishes. This is very annoying and can take quite a while to finish, especially if you drug him a large number of times. The animations have been removed and the default animations in the conversation are used.

  • When you fight the Sith Apprentices that accuse you of being a spy, their soundsets are mismatched, namely the female Sith has the voice of a male and vice versa.

  • When you first get on the Leviathan when Saul is torturing your characters, sometimes the dialog forgets to check whether your character is male or female, resulting in inappropriate dialog for female PC's (Bastila speaks instead of Carth).

  • On board the Yavin Station, when the Trandoshans appear for the first time, some of the dialog options sometimes causes you to be kicked out of the dialog.

Bug image courtesy of VanHeber