Knights of the Old Republic

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I merged vanilla masks together to make 71 visor model variations. They are not useable in game and are a ressource for modders.

Permissions and credits
This mod is a modder's ressource, it does not introduce any item into the game, there is not item sheet related to the models, there is no custom skin for the models.

Description and content

This mod packs 71 mask model variants, merging the vanilla visors from the game as best as possible. Every models bear the vanilla textures and should not conflict with any items in game.

There is no icons provided. Every models are referenced in a specific folder and inside the folder is a .Jpg that you can open to display the model. 
I packed every vanilla textures for the masks as an additional folder.

How to use this

Here is my video tutorial about modeling basics : Basic modeling tutorial

- You can make them a brand new items in game, modifying the model variation and adding a custom icon.
- You can make customized skins with the provided textures, by modifying the texture names related to the models using Blender or other softwares.
- You can use them, either to make them placeables, or add them to npc models using Blender or other softwares.
- Anything that comes to your mind if you have the abilities !

Feel free to use anything from this mod, this is extracted from the base game and this is my own edits. Just credit me somewhere.


- I tried to make sure every geometry pieces from every masks had unique names, so they shouldnt conflict with anything and between each other at 95%. However, this is a lot of visors and i might have forgotten some, so it might be useful to double check before using one with Blender.
- My modeling abilities are limited, so be forgiving about the models i pulled out. I tried my best so they look as fine as possible in game,
but there might be some clipping or other visual artifacts i may have missed.
- I do not know how animations and animation roots work, so there might be something wrong here even though everything display fine in game still.


Every kotor members that helped me during the modding journey.
Bioware for their work and base game models.