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Let you play 25 custom tracks in game, and perform 14 dances + 30 emotes. Understand the concept of love !

Permissions and credits
I grabbed the original mod here : K1 MP3 Player, but there was a missing script so it couldnt work for me. I fixed it by using the script from TSL version, improved the interface when using the device, and added 30 emotes and 14 dances to perform with your party alongside it. 

I already added 25 tracks and the proper dialog file to display the titles, but you can replace the tracks with custom ones.

Read everything carefully before using anything, it's important.

Disclaimer and how to use the item in game :

- You will get the item on the endar spire, from the first footlocker. You can get the item with cheat console (type "giveitem di_mp3" without quotation marks).
- This item will be useable in game, the same place as shields and stims. It will do all of this via a dialogue menu.
- The item seems useable in combat mode after some play test.
- When you change the track, and go into combat mode, the custom music won't stop. But when the combat is over, the music will stop.
- Custom musics will loop when they end, so they play infinitely while in the levels. To switch back to normal use the "Play local music" option.
- Dances and looping animated emotes usually last for 3 minutes straight. Some other emotes are a 1 go and will perform only once.
- You can choose between you, individual party members, both party members and the entire party to perform a danse or an emote.
- If you want to perform emotes on party members, you will have to activate solo mode, otherwise they won't display any animations.
- When you're engaged in a dancing animation, you can move your character to cancel the animation.
- When you're engaged in a looping emote animation, you will be stucked so you will need to either start a dance or 1 shot emote.
- Party members engaged in a looping animation or dance will perform their moves entirely. If you want to cancel their current animation and change
to another, you will have to quit solo mode and reactivate it.

Installation :

Installation of this mod comes in two parts.

1) Use the TSLPatcher .exe included to install the base mod (i.e., double click 'Install TSL MP3 Player', then click 'install mod', etc.).
2) Replacing and adding your tracks to the game:
i. Select up to 25 tracks that you have on your computer. 
   These *must* be in MP3 format.
ii. Copy the tracks to a new folder.
iii. Rename these copies Track1.mp3, Track2.mp3 ... etc., up to Track25.mp3
iv. Copy the renamed files to your StreamMusic folder inside the base game folder.
v. Copy the optional di_mp3.dlg file i provided, and paste it to your override folder. 
Overwrite when asked. It will replace the custom song titles i provided with "Track1, Track2, etc.".

FOR MODDERS ONLY there are most of my scripts source in the source folder.

Known Bugs and Incompatibilities :

I thought the item had a bug related to combat mode, it is not the case. You can use the item at any time !

This mod alters a (very small) part of the introductory dialogue with Trask on the Endar Spire, so it may not work with mods which do the same (such as mods allowing you to play as a Jedi from the start).

I provided an additional patcher that does not alter Trask scripts, however you will not get the item from the first footlocker on Endar Spire, you will need to get it through cheat console (type "giveitem di_mp3" without the quotation marks). 

I thought the item was not useable in combat mod, it seems it is possible to use it in combat mode however.

This is the very first version of the mod. It will be improved over time, i'm looking forward to get rid of solo mode to perform emotes.


- Make a distinct category between looping animations and short animations
- Add some looping animations as short animations
- Add missing looping animations (some talking animations)

Credits : 

The original mod was made by HouseOfAmon in 2006, improved by Darth InSidious and then me.
I do not own the base scripts, i do not own any musics provided.
Thor110, JCarter and Wizard for extra help on the scripting part.