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This mod changes feat gain, skill gain, major and minor skills and more, to be as similar as possible to the progression of Kotor 2

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Description & Changes
I tried to make the progression of K1 as similar as possible to K2. You  can consult the spreadsheets for details.


All Jedi classes are identical to K2.
Persuasion becomes major for all starting classes.
Demolitions becomes a minor skill for Scouts
A choice I made for balancing, the alternative was to not give them Persuasion.

As a result, Zaalbar demolitions 63 because it is a minor skill.

Contrary to what I could find on the internet, the skillpointgain formula is the following: (skillpointbase+INT)/2
We realize that the even skillpointbase have a combo with INTbonus=0;+2;+4;+6 or INT=10;14;18;22
and the odd skillpointbase have a combo with INTbonus=-1;+1;+3;+5 or INT=8;12;16;20

The starting classes have an even skillpointbase and are adjusted to K2:INT=14;+2 to reward players who invest in intelligence and penalize those who put in no points (INT=8;-1).
This still results in an overall skillpoint/level increase of +1

Jedi classes (except guardians) are also adjusted to K2:INT=14;+2 but with an odd skillpointbase so that players who want to invest 1 or 2 INT points in their build will be rewarded (INT=1012; 1416) and will not be penalized by INT=8;-1
This is not the case for guardians, if they want skillpoints, they have to invest.
This also translates into an overall increase in skillpoints/level here.

For the droids, I gave +1 skillgain to T3 because he doesn't have any feats that turn minor skills into major ones and skills are his main interest. If you ever add +2 INT to him he will gain +1 skillpoint per level.
For HK, the skillpointbase is now aligned with K2 (i.e. +1) and will increase by 1 if you raise his INT to 16.

This general increase in skillpointbase has an impact when creating a character:

Skillpoints at level 1 = ((skillpointbase/2)+INT)x4 with skillpointbase/2 cannot be <0, is always whole and rounded down
This results in an overall +4.

So the skillpointgain has increased for all classes, PC and Party. Since skills and INT are less impactful in K1 than in K2, I thought it was OK to be less restrictive and gain a bit more when INT<14.


-Sneak Attack X rehab for lvl 19 scoundrels

-Feats now available:

Master Two-Weapon Fighting for T3
Martial Specialization Blasters, Blaster Rifles and Heavy Weapons for HK-47

-Change of the featgain in order to make it correspond more to K2:

For droids, same as K2.
For the Jedi, even if I was inspired by K2, I wanted to emphasize the difference in featgain between the classes.
Total feats at level: 5 ; 8 ; 12 ; 16 ; 20
Guardians: 4 ; 5 ; 7 ; 9 ; 11
Sentinels: 3 ; 4 ; 6 ; 7 ; 9
Consulars: 2 ; 3 ; 5 ; 6 ; 7


The featgain of HK and T3 were reversed in the basic version of the game. The K1 Restoration mod also fixes this problem.


The Soldiers gain +1 skillpoint per level. Modification of the gain to INT=8;10;14;18
Carth and Canderous gain +1 skillpoint per level and no increase until INT=14

Scouts +1 skillpoint and gain modification to INT=8;10;14;18
Zaalbar +1 skillpoint and no increase until INT=14

Scoundrels +1 skillpoint and gain modification to INT=8;10;14;18
Mission +1 skillpoint and no increase until INT=18

Jedi Guardians +2 feats, +1 skillpoint. Change gain to INT=8;10;14;18. 
Juhani +1 feat, +1 skillpoint and no increase until INT=18

Jedi Sentinels +2 feats, +2 skillpoints. Change gain to INT=10;12;16;20
Bastila +2 feats, +2 skillpoints and no increase until INT=12

Jedi Consular +2 skillpoints. Change gain to INT=10;12;16;20
Jolee +3 skillpoints and no increase until INT=16

T3-M4 -3 feats, +1 skillpoint and no increase until INT=22
HK-47 +3 feats, +1 skillpoint and no increase until INT=16

OPTIONAL: Active Combat Feats

As in K2, I wanted the starting class of the PC to have access to all active combat feats from level 1. This is not possible in K1 because granting so many feats at the same time crashes the game.
So I compensated by granting the missing feats at level 2, on the deck of the Endar Spire, but this causes another problem: these feats are no longer available to same classes party members, unless they already had them.
And I did: I gave all active combat feats to Carth, Mission, Zaalbar and Canderous. I also added the ability to do this for the rest of the party, in an optional and customizable way.

These mods use TSLpatcher.
K2-like Progression mod takes effect immediately on all saves and modifies some lines of classes.2da, feats.2da, featgain.2da, skills.2da and p_zaalbar.utc
Optionnal: Active Combat Feats mod takes effect on your existing saves if PC has not yet reached level 2 and on party members you have not yet recruited.
But will make the missing active combat feats unavailable to already recruited members
A new game is recommended.
It modifies some lines of feats.2da and all the party .utc

Be careful with your installation order if you also have mods that also modify these files.

Credits and thanks
TSLPatcher by Stoffe
Quicker TSL Patching by xypherh
KotOR Tool by Fred Tetra
K-GFF by TK102
2DA Editor by VarsityPuppet