Knights of the Old Republic
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Adds two Head Skins for bastila, which must be used separately, one with bright blue eyes, and one with Sith Eyes.

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This is a reskin of the head portion of this mod: it does is take the HD skin and reskin the eyes to be sith eye's like Anakins from Revenge of the Sith.I would recommend it be used on top of it.
SPOILERS: You could optionally wait to install it until Bastila is taken so that she will only have Sith Eye's as a Sith.A reskin of Bastila's Head only. Dark Hope & Quanon made the original. Circa Made the original eyes, Bioware of course also deserves credit for the creation of the original skin. The Txi came from the original mod and was made by dark hope or quanon who have given me permission to use their work in this minor mod.
Put P_BastilaH04 & the txi file in override folder of KOTOR 11.5:Put Files into achieve like it's supposed to be.Added alternate lightside skin which makes Bastila's eyes bright blue.You can only use one skin at a time currently.2.0:Fixed pupil in lightside bright blue eyes
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