Knights of the Old Republic

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Adds new feats and powers for players and party members.

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Content Pack: Feats And Powers (K1 ver)
Version 1.61


-Content Pack: Feats and Powers is a collection of feats and powers for KotOR.
-It contains 26 new feats, in 15 separate feat chains.
-In addition, it contains 5 new force powers, in 2 separate power chains.
-Starting a new game is not required.
-Full details are included in the TSL Patcher writeup.

-If you play TSL too try the TSL version. Exactly the same, except TSL.


-Run the included TSLPatcher.exe and select your installation directory (the folder containing swkotor.exe, NOT the Override).
-You can use this version on a non-English copy, but the descriptions will still be in English.


-v1.00: Initial release
-v1.10: Added Dark Rage, Sadism and Sweet Release.
-v1.20: Added Constancy, Respite and Anti-Shield Protocol
-v1.30: Added Auto-Shield Protocol, Applied Knowledge and Last Stand
-v1.40: Added Resonance, Deep Resonance and Master Resonance. Also completely reworked Payday.
-v1.50: Added Mysterious Benefactor
-v1.60: Added Whirling Blade Combo, Thunderous Blade Combo and Heartstopper Combo

Bug Fixes:

-v1.01: Fixed a bug preventing Shutdown and Overload from targeting blaster rifles.
-v1.02: Stopped T3 from being able to take the Payday and Killer Instinct feats.
-v1.11: Fixed a bug preventing Sith Lords from taking dark-side feats.
-v1.31: Fixed a bug preventing Auto-Shield Protocol from triggering.
-v1.32: Additional bug fixes.
-v1.61: Fixed the interaction between Overload and combo feats. Fixed some lingering bugs from the Steam conversion. Improved compatibility.


-Don't redistribute the mod without permission. I'm pretty reasonable.


-By TamerBill