Knights of the Old Republic
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Quanon's Lightsaber pack modified to give the lightsabers unique, but not OP stats.

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I've always been sad with how boring and unvaried that lightsabers in the original KotOR. Fortunately, every now and then someone like Quanon comes along with some fresh new lightsabers. However, as much as I loved his designs, I was never interested in using them due to how OP they were. So I learned how to edit KotOR files and create mods! Included in this file are all four of his lightsabers. I have refined their stats to be interesting and unique, but not OP.

Each lightsaber has been given a special Stat based on the flavor text that Quanon created for them. Since his mod doesn't allow the Sabers to be upgraded on the workbench, I have also given each lightsaber simulated crystal stats that are also based on the information found in the flavor text. Finally, I cleaned up each of the flavor texts to make the grammar flow better. I hope this mod allows you to enjoy Quanon's wonderful mod!

Just a note that this will only the lightsabers if you find them after installing this mod. Lightsabers in your inventory will not change.

Update: Now includes a compatibility patch for those who use both Quanon's sabers and RedHawke's "Mission Jedi Mod" just install the patch after installing both mods and override.

Installation: After you have installed Quanon's Lightsaber Pack using TSL Patcher, simply overwrite the four .uti files that it creates in the override folder.

Uninstallation: You can remove my changes by creating backups of the original Uti files and overwriting my versions.

Modification of Quanos Lightsaber Pack
Created using Fred Tetra's KotOR Tool