Knights of the Old Republic
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This is a collection of fixes for transparency issues with ShiningRed's Ultimate HD Upscales.

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I was happy to discover that KotOR was recently given several graphical upgrade mods. I was most excited by ShiningRedHD's approach. Unfortunately, due to the engine, many textures supplied by these new mods have issues with Transparency. Fortunately, I was able to provide a quick fix to all of these textures.

Some packs also include fixes to inverted textures. Only install them for individual textures that are broken for you. They are all also at 2x size except when noted. If you wish to fix inverted textures for larger sizes, the process is extremely simple, and a step-by-step guide is included in the articles section. If you do fix the larger textures yourself, I'd be happy to host the fixes on the files page, just message or comment to let me know.

These Fix Packs are only designed to work with ShiningRedHD's Ultimate HD Upscale Mods
 I cannot guarantee that these will fix transparency issues with similar mods.

Now includes all in one file!

Installation: You can install at any time during the game. Simply grab the fix pack for the texture mods you downloaded and unzip it into your override folder, the same folder that the textures are in. Inverted Textures fixes are in a separate folder in the download, if you wish to use them, simply take them out and replace the old textures.

Uninstallation: Simply delete all the files from the mod. This is perfectly safe to do even midgame.

Leave a comment if you are still having any texture issues that this mod has not fixed. Thank you!

Credits: ShiningRedHD, previously known as Red11by, for the original texture mods.