Knights of the Old Republic
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This simple mod adds a modest buff to basic clothing.


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Improved Clothing

Defense +1
Charisma +1
Universal Saving Throws +1

'Armor Reinforcement' - Defense +1
'Mesh Underlay' - Universal Damage Resistance +5%

To install:
move the g_a_clothes01.uti file from the downloaded "Improved Clothing" folder into your swkotor/override folder.

To uninstall:
Delete the downloaded g_a_clothes01.uti file from your swkotor/override folder.

It can be installed on an in-progress save, but you need to ensure you have removed any and all unbuffed vanilla clothing from your inventory and character loadouts beforehand. New clothing you acquire should reflect the mod's buff.

The mod should be compatible with anything that doesn't edit the clothing01.uti file.

by Ireclaw @nexus mods