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All classes have all skills as class skills
Removed preset feats at character creation (and optional slight increase in amount of feats gained)
Ability to learn weakest/first of class restricted skills

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First of all, this mod removes "useless" feats you get when you create a character, now you have to select which feats you would like to get no more having dedicated melee fighter that has rapid shot and blaster proficiency!
Next, You can get "Sneak Attack" and "Uncanny Dodge" as any class (only the first ones, don't go dreaming about things...) and same applies to Jedi classes: all can learn "Force Jump", "Force Focus" and "Force Immunity:Fear"
( there is an option to slightly increase the amount of feats gained (additional one upon reaching lvl5 of any class))
On top of that all skills become class skills for all classes. (this one is basically completely separate from the rest)

Edit: I probably fixed the Armour issue... but I'm not sure... 
(yeah, sorry)