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A tool for reducing/removing black face lines in Starwars: Knights of the Old Republic.

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 Fens - KOTOR Line Remover

A tool for reducing/removing back lines in the center of characters faces, when viewed from a distance.

Some mod users have noticed the appearance of dark seams in the center of some re-textured faces.

These are not the result of the textures themselves, but rather a known issue with layered UV seams in the Aurora Engine.

I have made a custom program to make minor adjustment to these files (Face Textures); in order to reduce the appearance of seams.

Fens - KOTOR Line Remover will also work on other Modder's textures; if you prefer styles other than my own.

Please see the images above for illustrations of what the tool does.




To install Fens - KOTOR Line Remover:

1. Download the file, and extract it to your desktop.

2. Navigate to your KOTOR Override folder.
(e.g C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\swkotor\Override)

3. Make a Backup copy of your Override folder and place it in a separate folder.
(In case you do not like the changes that the tool makes.)

4. Move KOTORLR.exe (Or KOTORLineRemover.exe and the KOTORLineRemover_Data folder) to your original Override Folder.




To use Fens - KOTOR Line Remover, run KOTORLR.exe from within KOTOR's Override folder.

This will perform the initial extraction.

Click Quit, to close the program.

Double click KOTORLineRemover.exe, to re-launch the program.

The Tool will not work unless it is in the same directory as the textures that it is effecting.

After it has launched you will be presented with a screen containing the buttons "FIX", "QUIT" and a Mute Symbol.

Click the "FIX" button and you will presented with a reminder to backup your current Override folder.

Click "FIX" again to start the patching process.

Do not close the program until you see green text.

This green text will read; "Files have been Patched". 

You may now close the tool, and open KOTOR.

Download the Update file  Zaalbar Fix - (Corrects blending mode).

Unzip the updated Zaalbar file, and copy P_Zaalbar02.txi into your override folder.

Select yes when prompted to overwrite.

Any black lines should be noticeably reduced or completely removed.


"I am concerned, the log keeps saying files are being ignored?"

It is safe to ignore any messages in the program's log that state a file is ignored; as this simply means it was not relevant to this fix.

"The tool closed before I could use it?"

If you need to launch the tool again, you may use KOTORLineRemover.exe, to re-launch the program.

"It is not compatible with my operating system?"

I only plan on supporting Windows 7-10 users. Sorry for the inconvenience.

"I have the tool in my override folder, but it is saying it is in the wrong folder?"

This error is likely to occur if you are trying to fix the seams of textures that are not stored in the override folder.
Or if the user has installed the tool anywhere other than the override folder.

"The tool isn't displaying fullscreen properly?"

Close and open the tool. If if is still not displaying properly, click within the tool window and press [Alt] + [Enter].

"The KOTORLR.exe says it failed to extract properly?"

This error generally means the tool has already been extracted.
It is showing because the auto extractor does not know how to handle existing/duplicate files.
Click ignore on this message; and remember to use "KotorLineRemover.exe" not KOTORLR.exe; after initial extraction.
It can also occur when using a non supported OS, or a corrupted download.

"I don't like any of the modded versions, will this work on the default appearances?"

The tool will only work on textures in the override folder.
To apply the fix to default appearances, download the optional default Companion Appearances file.
Extract its content to the override folder before beginning the installation process.




To uninstall Fens - KOTOR Line Remover:

1. Locate your backup/copy of your Override folder.

2. Delete your current (modified) Override folder.

3. Rename the backup/copy Override folder to "Override" (without quotation marks).

Alternately, if you failed to make a backup, you can still mostly remove the program:

1. Navigate to the Override folder.

2. Delete KOTORLineRemover.exe, KOTORLR.exe and KOTORLineRemover_Data (Folder).

2a. To delete any changes the tool has made, delete all files ending in .txi in your Override directory.

This may have undesired effects on other users mods, so it is important to make a backup.


Fens - KOTOR Line Remover is designed to work with other user's mods.

It will also function alongside any existing custom texture data.
Including bump maps, environment maps and animated textures.
It will detect the existence of the custom data, and modify this instead.


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Thanks for downloading!

- Fen