Knights of Honor II: Sovereign
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Changes the amount of men in each unit.

Cavalry - 40
Ranged - 50
Infantry - 60

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Changes the amount of men in each unit.

Cavalry - 40
Ranged - 50
Infantry - 60

Changes The additional troop upgrade

Reduced Initial cost and upkeep costs by 1/4
Recommend only getting two of this upgrade.
As anymore will give you diminishing returns on infantry units since they will be hitting the 100man cap. Only Archers and Cavalry will benefit past two additional troop upgrades.

Increases unit moral by 5 to increase the duration of battles.

Overall strategy's like hammer and anvil actually work as intended as the battle last long enough for each unit to fulfil its role.
Cavalry has lower manpower due to the lower unit count compared to other units but still has it uses on the battlefield.
Ranged plays more of a support role. 

Unit size seems to be hard capped at 100men per unit.

Install Instructions. Extract the mod to your saves folder located here
Final Mod install location should look like this
There you should find a folder called Unit Size.
In game go into settings and activate in the "mods section"

Compatibility - Currently the mod is compatible with other mods as long as they dont overwrite the same Units.def file. You will need to go into the mod its self and overwrite the content inside the Defs folder here
C:\Users\Yournamegoeshere\AppData\LocalLow\BlackSeaGames\Sovereign\Saves\Mods\Unit Size\Defs