Knights of Honor II: Sovereign
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How to create new buildings template.

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New Buildings Mod Template

This TEMPLATE is more for modders but it's easy enough for the new people to play with. Inside the archive are the 3 files needed to create new buildings along with pretty clear marked lines you need to add or remove for your new buildings to show up in the game. If you look in the files, the building given as an example is the Black Market building which is a Hill Fort copy with Market Square icon and illustration and Pirate Haven upgrades. I recommend you add no more then 6 upgrades per building due to the UI but you can also make the upgrade icons smaller in the UI by editing the icon_size = 115,102 & icon_spacing = 16,16 in the file Buildings.def. You can make the AI to not build it by setting the ai_eval = 0 as far as I know and you can add as many bonuses as you want in towns, villages, sheep farms, cattle farms, in all the buildings to be direct. You can make a building available in specific location only like Hills and Mountains or any region you desire too. In Buildings.csv, you'll see at the end of the Black Market lines, a comma followed by the word Mountain (,Mountain) that means the Black Market building requires Hills and Mountains to be available for building. You can even add your own icons and illustrations with a bit of work to be more original.

Version 1.2 - After you unzip the file, to make it so the AI will NOT build the Black Market, go to Maps > Europe and open the file geo_features and there you'll see all the provinces in the game. Find the province you want the Black Market in and set it like so(example): Transylvania;true;true;true;true;0;false   . The first 4 must be set to true because no other province has 4x true and those 4 boolean values translated in game means: has_rivers;has_river_city;has_coastal_city;has_mountains . Save the file and make sure you install it in your mods properly. I already set the requirements in the building.csv so you don't have to worry. REMEMBER, in geo_features Transylvania is given as example so you need to DISABLE the some features from Transylvania. The default line for Transylvania is: Transylvania;true;false;false;true;0;false 
This will be until a more easy and direct solution is found. Also, the bug with the upgrades for the Black market is because 2 different buildings have the same upgrades so now I made it so you can upgrade all but do it only once.

Well, that's kind of everything you need to know to create your own buildings very easy. I'm very curious now with what people will come forward and I wish you good luck!