King's Bounty: Dark Side

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A mod that allows you to play as a female vampire instead of Daert. Features include model swap, fly by transforming into a bat, unique and improved spells, dialogue and descriptions address you as female, and so forth..

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A mod that converts Daert into Lucinde, a beautiful female vampire. This was originally created for my personal playthrough but after a few years, I decided to share it with everyone else. This means that the creations are according to my taste, such as the two unique starting spells that would serve as bread-and-butter throughout the game. They are arguably the most powerful spells as you level them up and upgrade the skills correctly (Magic tree, Wight and Puppeteer).

  • Play as a female vampire instead of Daert.
  • All interface images changed to female.
  • All dialogues and descriptions would address you as female (only English language).
  • Transform into a bat to fly instead of riding a pegasas. You also gain a blue aura to move faster instead of riding a horse.
  • Two unique spells and improved sacrifice available from the start: 
- Miasmic Burn: Burns a percentage of total health in a huge area.
- Skeleton Army: Summon three stacks of skeletons that have target spells applied to them.
- Sacrificial Rite: An improved version of sacrifice that will not add more units than your available leadership. You can also sacrifice summoned skeletons.
(Uses of these spells count for the progress of many medals)
  • Bonus item: Onyx diamond, grants 100% mana regeneration outside of combat.

1. Go to your game's folder (Steam/steamapps/common/Darkside/)
2. Copy "data" and "sessions" folders in the zip file and paste them in the game's folder.
*Note: This will not overwrite any file. Refer to the next section for removal instruction.

Delete two "mods" folders in  "Darkside/data/" and "Darkside/sessions/darkside/"