Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning
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A mod to make the game actually hard

Permissions and credits
New version requires mod framework minimum version of 1.3

Mod is under development

This mod is still under development and not fully complete, i'm releasing it so people can test it and give feedback.
The mod is highly volatile and can lead to a number of problems, highly recommend doing a clean save before testing it.

Key aspects of the mod
  • Increase enemy AI aggression
  • Rebalanced reckoning mode
  • Rebalance buffs/multipliers
  • Reduce healing from potions
  • Reduce value of items sold

Elements in orange are implemented and in test

Tweaking the mod

unfair.lua line 11 return old_award_fate(value_to_award *2)
value_to_award : The amount of fate the game is going to award you
* 2: The multiplier set by the mod

unfair.lua line 22 return old_get_reckoning_mode_duration() / 3
old_get_reckoning_mode_duration() : The duration of the reckoning mode
/ 3: The multiplier set by the mod

unfair_mod.json line 8 "delay": [1, 3]
1: The delay between enemy attacks (in ms, can be zero)

unfair_mod.json line 16 "weight": [1, 3]
1: The weight of an attack when queueing it; can be zero (don't recommend tho)